Uncanny Valley Announce Debut Album from Electronic Artist, Credit 00

Credit 00 (image copyright Felix Adler)
Credit 00 (image copyright Felix Adler)

Leipzig-based musician, Credit 00, releases his debut album in March. We take a sneak peek, and even you lot get some action! More below.

Here at The Waveform Transmitter, we love a good bit of the old 8-bit sound. Alexander Dorn is quite the young protege, to which this collection of bleeps and thwips is testament. He has seen a slew of successful releases on the ‘Uncanny Valley‘ imprint; no less than four EPs, in fact.

Our latest On the Radar preview sees that Dorn, who’s artistic guise is Credit 00, is set to release ‘Game Over’ on the 13th of March 2017, again via the ‘Uncanny Valley’ label. The album is an ambient chiptronica ode to Credit 00’s favourite games, now and in his formative years.

Sounding like a circuit-bent Mega Drive kicking out autonomous electronic symphonies, the album covers the whole gamut of electronic music in terms of influence. One can hear the affectations of Kraftwerk, Coldcut, Depth Charge, and numerous other electronic artists in the melting pot.

‘Game Over’ is somewhat of a retrospective album. It features tracks collected over the past six years, and its sonic range is appealing and enticing – encouraging the user to listen closely and reminisce about the days when computer games came on a cartridge, and joypads had four buttons, not forty-four.

Dorn is joined on the record by vocalist Sara Stammburg, and keys-man Max Rademann who plays Rhodes, on ‘Breakers Revenge’.

If his past releases are anything to go by, ‘Game Over’ is gonna be filled with braindrop electronic fayre that’ll make your d-pads tingle and your start buttons moist.

The album will be available for vinyl and digital release on the 13th of March, 2017. Until then, take a listen to the title track, below.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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