Review: Warriors of the Dystotheque


Warriors of the Dystotheque are a four-piece band the members of which span all four corners of the globe. Check them out, below.

If there’s one thing that Warriors of the Dystotheque are not, it is vanilla. The innovative four-piece have never met each other face-to-face, which is one thing in itself, and quite how they’ve managed to put together music of such outstanding quality under such circumstances is another.

Their music is something that transcends a specific genre, but if comparisons must be made, as us music fans like to do, then their sound is not wholly dissimilar to the likes of Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, and Groove Armada (on a more down-tempo tip).

The band is made up of Jonny Mac, who resides in Derry, Ireland, Sean Graham from Coventry, and two brothers, Nylon Mike and Nick Rufolo, who are based in New York. Each artist has their own part to play in the band (obviously), and recordings are made on an ad-hoc basis, each individual adding their own elements to parts of the track that others have performed and recorded.

The first thing that strikes one when listening to their music is the soul contained therein. Somehow, despite never having been in the same room at any one time, the boys have managed to make it seem like they have recorded their tracks as one unit in the same studio. They’ve gone past that requirement to spend time together in the studio, and the finished product is really something quite remarkable.

They are clearly accomplished musicians in their own right. All elements of the tracks are recorded from live instruments, which are then pieced together like some sort of wonderfully mellifluous jigsaw until a complete picture is formed. Guest vocalists add an additional layer to their soundscapes.

You can check out their tracks on their SoundCloud page, here, and we urge you to do so. Jonny Mac was kind enough to record us a mix of what he defined as ‘gloomtronica’. You can listen to the mix below, and it is available for download from The Waveform Transmitter’s SoundCloud profile.

As the band themselves say, “You can listen to the same old tired shit being churned out telling you that “this time it’s different”, or you can march forwards, cans on ears, knowing that this time, music really is here to set you free ’cause the “Warriors have come out to play”!!!”

Tracklist below.

1 Nick Cave – Jesus Alone

2 Michele Mininni – Endless Ceremony – Rocketnumbernine Remix

3 Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33’s – For One Touch – Andrew Weatherall Remix

4 Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation – Take Me Beyond – Gnoomes Remix

5 Warpaint – Disco Very – The Time & Space Machine – Remix

6 The Jesus & Mary Chain – Just Like Honey

7 Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation – Rushing Through My Mind

8 Warpaint – Undertow – N!C Remix

9 Michele Mininni –  Hyper Martino – Red Axes Remix

10 ToyDrum – God Song – Frank Wiedmann Remix

11 Warriors of the Dystotheque – We’re Taking Control Ft –

Pop Will Eat Itself – Unreleased

12 The Jesus & Mary Chain – Amputation

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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