Live Transmission: Cassy, Nastia, Enzo Siragusa, Gary Beck and more, mUmU 9th Birthday, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool


mUmU celebrated their 9th Birthday in style with an enviable line-up of house and techno artists. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight was there to witness the spectacle.

If The Waveform Transmitter can say one thing about mUmU, it is that they consistently bring amazing artists to Liverpool. Their 9th birthday was no exception to this rule, as we saw local and international DJs rubbing shoulders to bring Liverpool a party of epic proportions.

The day started off with an upbeat set consisting of some really chunky, disco-flecked house from the Hustle camp. The ‘two Jimmies’ (Jimmy Allen and Jimmy Morgan) were blowing the perspex roof off the small Gin Garden with a back to back set that saw them injecting a ridiculous amount of verve and vitality into the eager punters, who had turned out at the beginning of the day (3 pm, no less) in order that they didn’t miss a single beat.

Meanwhile, over the Gin Garden courtyard, mUmU resident and man of the hour, Lee Rands was ploughing out some techy vibes in the New Bird Street WarehouseLee‘s sets are always a delight to behold. He managed to hold the crowd captivated for the entirety of his set, which is no mean feat considering he had three hours to fill. Never seeming phased, Lee smashed his set as always, reading the crowd to perfection and whipping everyone up into a frenzy for the early evening proceedings.

Clive Henry had taken over the wheels at the Gin Garden room, and was pumping out some exceptionally funky tech-house for the crowd, which was now spilling out into the courtyard itself. Clive didn’t let up once during his set, and showed the crowd exactly why he is one of DC-10‘s cherished residents.

The night was shaping up to be just as high-octane as we expected and as we headed back over to the warehouse the atmosphere was palpable as Intec‘s Jon Rundell was kicking it with some spectacular techno vibes, which illustrated perfectly why Jon has cemented himself as one of the top names in modern techno. Come on, if it is good enough for Carl Cox, then it is good enough for us, right?!

As Jon‘s set drew to a close, it was time for Nastia to take to the decks. The Ukranian techno pryntsesa played to a baying crowd and it is fair to say that her set was both exiting and diverse in equal measure. Flitting between techno, house, and even into some really quite spirited breakbeat (courtesy of a remix of Top Cat‘s Request the Style), the pocket rocket that is Nastia had us all held in the palm of her hand as her performance took us on a brilliant sonic journey. It was nice to see her whipping some wax out of her record bag – not something you see a lot of nowadays.

After a quick trip back into the Gin Garden to see Tred Benedict (who’s set started off really well, with some lovely acid sounds entering the mix, but was sadly cut short by a defective deck), we headed back into the main room for the remains of the night.

Enzo Siragusa was busy tearing it up as we re-entered the fray. We’ve caught EnzoFuse‘s main man, at mUmU before and his sets never disappoint. Bowling us over with his trademark style, blending techno and tech-house with great effect, Enzo‘s set was a masterclass in mixing, as he transitioned between records like a well-oiled machine. Dropping underground house classics amidst his thunderous basslines, he had us all going balls to the wall by the time Cassy emerged to take over the decks.

Cassy managed to continue the theme set up by her predecessors, keeping the energy at ceiling level (or perhaps we were, at this point, way past the ceiling and verging on the stratosphere…at least that is what it felt like). Rattling through an incredibly varied set, Cassy didn’t seem to stop for air (or stop smiling – which certainly endeared her to our group, if not the rest of the room), and she proved to all present that there is good reason why she is quickly climbing to the top of her game.

Tiredness, amongst other things, was starting to take over by the time Gary Beck stopped in to end the party in style, but that didn’t stop us from breaking out some insane power moves down on the dancefloor. As with Enzo, we’ve witnessed Gary at previous mUmU events and we knew to expect some blistering techno cuts from the master of his craft. We were not to be disappointed, as Beck provided the kind of techno that makes your jeans vibrate (spoken from first hand experience). A beast of a set from start to finish.

What this party served to prove was that mUmU  have been putting on events with the perfect formula during their nine-year reign as one of Liverpool’s best underground nights. Here’s to another nine years (at least) of awesome events for the people of Liverpool.

mUmU’s next big party, set to take place on May 28th, features none other than Rødhåd, so we can pretty much guarantee that it will go off with the energy of an atomic bomb. Early-bird tickets for the event are available over at Resident Advisor, here.

Photography credits: Helen Wilson © The Waveform Transmitter

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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