Live Transmission: Or:la, 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool


Hot off the Hotflush press, Or:la plays to a sold-out Kitchen Street for her debut all-nighter. The Waveform Transmitter’s Tom Flaherty was there to absorb the atmosphere.

After her recent debut release on Hotflush Recordings, as well as consistently creating unique events with her own Meine Nacht night across Liverpool, the time was right for Or:la to take the reins for her first ever ‘all night long’ set – the chance to play in front of a packed-out crowd and take them on a 5-hour-long journey of her own musical influences to show you what she’s about.

The Wonder Pot provided the stage for this with a sold-out night filling the darkness of 24 Kitchen Street.

As a DJ, Or:la can never be pigeon-holed into one genre, this was clearly evident throughout her set as she played music from across the electronic spectrum whilst keeping the crowd eager for more with her with truly eclectic underground music and not just crowd-pleasing hits.

Darkness fills the room only to be interrupted by camera flashes clashing off the 4-foot disco ball reflecting onto the walls around the crowd as Radio Slaves Another Club plays out of the sound system to a sea of fist pumps early on in the evening.

The crowd are already giving her their full attention and maintain that throughout the night, desperate to know what her next tune may be. Next out came Fatima Yamaha‘s Araya, welcomed by shouts of ‘yeo‘ as Or:la looked up with a smile of appreciation.

As the night went on the tempo changed and took a funky turn with The Ones Absolutely Flawless providing the perfect tune for the two-stepping crowd with just an hour left. Showing her diversity whilst smoothly crossing from different genres all night to close the evening with Kings of Tomorrow Finally, accompanied by a sing-along which then led onto shouts of ‘one more tune‘ as the lights finally came up in 24 Kitchen Street.

Or:la granted the crowds wish by pulling out The Special’s Ghost Town to round the night off perfectly.

It is a testament to Or:la‘s credibility right now that she can pull in a sold out crowd on a Thursday evening to watch her for 5 hours whilst keeping them entertained throughout. A landmark event in her rapidly growing music career, we’re absolutely certain this will not be the last of Or:la all night long!

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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