Focused Beams: M62 Records – Steven Longworth (Long-E)

The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall headed into the skank infested territory of Liverpool’s bass scene, taking some time to sit down with Merseyside’s own M62 Records head honcho and resident Steven Longworth (aka Long-E). Also included is this week’s Waveform Mix!

M62 Records have anchored themselves within the Liverpool bass scene with aplomb. Since their inception nearly a year and half ago, the Liverpool based label have consistently released truly underground sounds from a host of committed local artists and engineered a credible platform for up and coming artists to play live. Their commitment to the bass scene is both impressive and incredibly humbling.

Head honcho Steven Longworth (aka Long-E) took some time to sit down and chat about the progress of the label so far.

Long-E  – © M62 Records

Waveform: With over year on the Liverpool scene you seem to have established yourself as one of the city’s finest bass purveyors. How would you describe your trajectory as a label/party so far?

Long-E: That’s a good question! I’ve never really thought of a trajectory as an aim. From the beginning it was always about throwing good parties and releasing good music. We have had our highs and lows, but all in all I would like to think we have made a positive progression.

Waveform: How have you found Liverpool responding to your output? Is there anyway that you have “measured” your achievements/success so far?

Long-E: I feel Liverpool is responding quite well so far, I remember locking in our first birthday party as an Off Me Nut Records takeover, then a few weeks later there were some big announcements like MJ Cole, MASQ 2nd birthday & Fiesta Bombarda just to name a few…I thought we would flop as they were all high profile events we were competing with, but on the night we still got over 250 people through the door. So I guess if we can throw a party the same night as these heavy hitters and still have a busy room, that’s some sort of measurement of what we have achieved so far.

Waveform: How do you see yourselves within Merseyside’s ever competitive and increasingly saturated scene?

Long-E: I still see us as a small fish in a big ocean at the moment as there are plenty of really good club nights, however, what we have aimed to do is focus on local artists for our output and book underground artists that have never played Liverpool before. We have managed to achieve this with each night we have done so far and hope to keep going forward.

Someone say bass face? – © M62 Records

Waveform: With more “accessible” genres of electronic music seeming to dominate Liverpool in very recent history, what was your draw toward and vision for bass and M62?

Long-E: The draw was a mutual love for similar music between a group of likeminded people. The vision was to expand this [the music] out further within the city; there had to be more than just ourselves who liked this music within the Liverpool area.

Waveform: How do you envisage M62 growing?

Long-E: I hope for it to grow into something a lot of people love, I guess only time will tell along with more hard work and dedication.

Waveform: How would you describe your policy for booking acts and releasing music? (are they naturally intertwined?)

Long-E: We don’t think about it too much initially in all honesty, if we like how it sounds we will sign it then after that comes all the hard work of making sure the right people hear the music. The same goes for bookings really so I guess you could say they are naturally intertwined.

lucent ep (3000x3000px)

Waveform: Your  4th release “Lucent – Run The Streets (The Remixes)” has just come out and it plays host to a searing reimagining of the original. What was your reason for wanting to release a remix ep?

Long-E: Lucent had been going on for a while saying Run The Streets was his favourite tune he has ever produced, so we decided to release it on the M62 Vol.3. We had a discussion and just decided to get some producers we rate highly to remix it.

Waveform: How did you feel the process of collaboration was executed on the EP?

Long-E: The process of collaboration went so well I would like the same to happen with every release, normally you would run the risk of not hitting deadlines or some other obstacles getting in the way but all producers managed to get a full remix over within the timescales it was flawless.

Waveform: You’re teaming up for a party with Notion at 24 Kitchen Street on the 31st May, what are your thoughts on the young artist?

Long-E: Notion is such a great producer, I remember coming across his SoundCloud when he had just over 100 followers. He’d uploaded a few tracks but what stuck in my head was his No Long Talking mix he uploaded. I rinsed that everyday on the way to work, so much so, it chewed up all my data before the end of the month. Next came along his track, Talk To Me on Project All-Out  – that was the match maker. It was getting played on so many radio shows and he grew a fan base so much from there on. 2 years later and he’s got over 14,000 followers

Waveform: Do you feel that artists like Notion exemplify underground bass music and do you feel that your label has duty to help give a platform to these types of artists?

Long-E: Yes indeed! He exemplifies it alright!

I feel labels as a whole have a duty to help give a platform for these artists. A label’s main focus should be on marketing music so that it leaves the artist more time to carry on creating banger after banger.

Waveform: What does the future hold for the M62 release catalogue? Is there anything that you are really excited by?

Long-E: We have some serious records in the pipeline over the coming months. Next up, after the Run The Streets EP, we have a bassline banger from Hayden Perry, previews for that will be online in the next few weeks but if you want to hear it before that, grip a ticket for Notion this Wednesday [31st] and head on down to 24 Kitchen St.

Also we got tracks coming from Thorpey, Docka, Wolfe, Clean Shirt, Rakjay, Jamie George, GHSTGHSTGHST, Warhead and our very own main man Tubz!


You can check out an exclusive mix from Long-E himself below, which he has contributed as part of our ever-expanding Waveform Mix Series.

You can also catch M62 Records doing their thing on the 31st May at 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool with rising bassline star Notion.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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