Direct Transmissions: Watt Hz? Preview

Our Jack Threlfall previews Liverpool’s latest techno offering – the much anticipated Watt Hz? after hours party. This is the sort of event that really doesn’t know when to stop…

2nd June heralds the arrival of Liverpool’s newest techno party: Watt Hz? The scene is awash with indomitable talent; nights like 303, Melōs and tRiBe already ensure that the city is never short of a punishing kick drum or two, so many may ask what is different about this particular techno endeavour. The answer is simple – after hours!

Watt Hz? have a very clear vision for their party, they simply want to provide this ever swelling city with an unadulterated and wholly credible after hours party, which is able to push Liverpool’s hedonistic revellers into the very early hours and ensure they don’t stop stomping their feet.

The event’s co- founder Paddy Hooley claims that he was inspired by the after-hours culture within Berlin and Amsterdam’s thriving nightlife.  Paddy states that:

 “It is common practise to dance until 9am and then head to an afterparty to follow. There [Berlin/Amsterdam] you can dance in a church, in a school, in a gas tank, in a power station… there’s so much choose from … all offer an incredible experience to captures people’s imaginations.”

With this in mind, it becomes blindingly obvious that Liverpool is in dire need of a dedicated bunch of promoter to fill the gaping after-hours shaped hole! Paddy continues:

“For a while now Liverpool has had many brilliant events, however, as soon as 3 o’clock rolls around people resort to bed or carrying on things back at home, playing tracks on Spotify through a portable speaker, unless their lucky enough to have a home set up. It’s a crying shame considering the enthusiasm of the music fanatics and the Liverpool community being so tightly knit. We want to put a stop to this, exploring new concepts into the early hours and collaborating with as many events as possible to provide something truly special to the people of this fine city!”

Not only is this ethos humbling and highly commendable, but the Watt Hz? crew have also committed themselves to truly embracing the Liverpool techno culture by gladly absorbing the city’s finest DJs into their roster, and ensuring that their set up is of the highest calibre. Mr. Hooley continues:

“The music is so important to us – thankfully there’s no compromise with the use of a VOID sound-system already installed by the venue on the first floor, so we can devote our full attention to designing a perfect line up. Alongside providing dancers with the familiarity of the best Liverpool Techno DJs, we aim to showcase the best in underground talent, providing innovative new concepts and formats for people to truly forget everything that is going on outside, dissociate themselves from the world for a morning and enjoy the sound that enlightened Sam, myself and so many others. We’re so thankful to have Jamie Haus on the line up – a brilliant producer and DJ who’s gone on to secure a residency at the infamous Village Underground for Superstition. He’s released on Planet Rhythm; a Rotterdam based record label that’s putting out music at a very high standard, featuring artists like Stranger who’s recently exploded onto line ups in Holland and Germany.

Supporting Jamie we’ve got some incredible local talent, the likes of The Drumlake Experiment who will provide a blistering live set and DRR head-honcho Tom Page.”

We certainly can’t wait! See you at the crack of dawn!

You can gain entry to The Loft, 57 Blundell Street, Baltic Triangle on the 2nd June at 2am Friday night/Saturday morning.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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