The Waveform Transmitter Heavy Rotators: Vol 22

Rob Draper is back with his brilliant Heavy Rotators playlist, featuring 7 tracks from the past seven days that you need to get in your ears.

The Waveform Transmitter’s resident selecta, Rob Draper, is back again this week for another round of his fantastic Heavy Rotators playlist series.

Hello and welcome, to another edition of the Heavy Rotators playlist, showcasing 7 standout  tracks we’ve heard on our travels this week.

Starting off with Tales of Us reworking orchestral and movie score genius Hans Zimmer with his sublime track Time. Moving into a particular favourite artist of ours, upcoming French producer, Rafeal Cerato, with latest prog banger, Universe on Eleatics Records. Solomun is up next with his remix of the ultimate early 90’s trance classic; Age of Love‘s eponymous Age of Love.

Bringing us back up date with Amsterdam’s finest is Patrice Baumel‘s first release on Afterlife with a huge melodic techno track – Glutes. Moving things closer to home with our very own Alan Fitzpatrick and his acid soaked baseline killer on Drumcode, U said U.

Finishing up this week on two colossal tracks, firstly is techno giant Matador and his reworking of undoubtedly one of the best techno tracks ever penned; the legendary Oxia with Domino. Closing our playlist today is Scotland’s heavy hitting techno duo, Clouds, with the mighty Slam on remix duties.

As ever hit us hit us with comments, abuse or even recommendations for future playlists in the section below. you can find more of our playlists on our SoundCloud page, along with mixes from our Waveform Mix Series.

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