On The Radar: Dogstare – Rubberneck / Stop Arping On EP

Dogstare hits No Monsters Records with his latest two-track EP, Rubberneck/Stop Arping on. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall likes what he hears.

Dogstare’s EP, Rubberneck, is a captivating two track techno release that boasts productions that are incredibly diverse, forward-thinking and undeniably catchy.

The veteran producer, Dogstare, has spent the last 20 years honing his production and DJ craft, and his wide range of influences tinge the Rubberneck EP with subtle acknowledgments of progressive house and golden era techno, ultimately amalgamating into a work that makes you want to dance; this may seem like the purpose of any electronic music record, but Dogstare’s insightful understanding of dancefloor mechanics makes this record transcend above your normal techno fare.

The first track on the EP, Rubberneck, is laden with infectious stomp. Metallic stabs wobble out of the speaker and bathe the listener in an arpeggiated dream world, whilst a taut kick drives the robotic lead forward and characterises the soundscape with a mischievous bounce.

As the track progresses, the introduction of a sharp, resonant bassline thrusts the energy into overdrive. The ensuing deluge of deep and strident elements is a masterful cacophony of sound, and Dogstare should be commended for his ability to combine intricate lead loops with complex basslines without ever muddying the arrangement.

The percussion bursts with quick triads of snare drums, roves with ripples of rasping hi-hats, and ultimately bestows an inherent groove to the ensemble. The intricate nature of the patterns are so well organised in fact, that the absence of a double-time structure is hardly noticeable, as the dynamism of the track is carried by the exquisite lead synth and bassline.

The second track Stop Arping On is a progressive endeavour that tips its hat to the likes of Sasha, Digweed and Liverpool’s own Dave Seaman. It begins with machine-like stabs, steeped in reverb, bubbling around the sonic space – soon starry harps wrinkle and writhe towards a tangible tension, and pull the listener towards a blissful crescendo.

After the initial drop, subtle modulation courses through the lead arpeggiated synth and conjures a lively trajectory that just doesn’t seem to settle. The key sound themes can only be described as twinkling and otherworldly, which appropriates this track as prime fodder for the baying masses on the dance floor.

The thumping kick and dense bassline belie the heavenly aesthetic of the lead, and allow the track to really drive home a unique juxtaposition of sound.

Dogstare’s EP, Rubberneck, is now available on Monster Records via Beatport.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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