The Waveform Transmitter Heavy Rotators: Vol.23

Heavy Rotators columnist Rob Draper is back with seven more top techno tracks to sizzle your eardrums.

The Waveform Transmitter’s Rob Draper offers up seven more tracks that he has been bothering his headphones with in this week’s Heavy Rotators playlist.

Hello again, and welcome to another instalment of the Heavy Rotators playlist. Starting off this week, we have Tel Aviv’s best kept secret, Yotam Avni, with his sublime, dark release, Tikkun, released under the Innervisions imprint. This thunderous, low-end growler is infused with a haunting Gregorian chant-like choir which serves to give the listener a feeling of being held in the grip of a woozy drug fug.

Moving on we have more from the Innervisions stable, with the Dixon remix of Agoria‘s Singing, featuring fat dub basslines laid down with a melancholy-infused vocal style. Next up is Berlin’s &ME with their track, Avalon.
Regimental hypnotic snares, a euphoric driving bassline, and an eerie angelic-vocal chorus are beautifully intertwined with a resonating percussion, stratospherically projecting the listeners to uncharted territory.

Hamburg duo, the Adana Twins are up next with Flower of Cane, throwing their robotic, futuristic, heaving main-room banger into this session with this EDM-styled, heavy bassline killer. The track is released courtesy of Watergate Records.

Moving on, we head into the b-side of Kristin Velvet‘s release on Darren Emerson‘s Detone Records. Lothario showcases her skills manning the production studio after last months stellar performance behind the decks for our album launch party event. This is peak-time dance floor fodder.

Finishing us off this week we have two proper bangers. Firstly, Drumcode mainstay Enrico Sangiuliano hits us with slabs of heavy big-room techno entwined with a melodic, almost Latino pan pipe dreamscape, in Astral Projection. London’s resident skull-opener, Dax J is finishing up with this banging track, Zion. He absolutely smashes it with this head-down fist-pumping acid-stomper, textured with a screaming 303 being put through it paces.

Don’t forget to check out our SoundCloud page for an archive of our Heavy Rotators playlists and our Waveform Mix Series.

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