On the Radar: Cari Lekebusch, Benjamin Mull, Nima Khak, Alex Frejenholm – moln dgtl02

The Waveform Transmitter’s Dan Crossey takes a listen to Moln Records latest release, moln dgtl02.

Moln release the second in their ‘dgtl’ series, backed by tracks from Cari Lekebusch and Benjemin Mull, amongst others. The Waveform Transmitter’s Dan Crossey is all ears. 

Today we have the second release DGTL 02 from the young Swedish techno label “moln” that Benjamin Mull has founded with the aid of the highly successful Cari Lekebusch earlier this year. It is the second three track EP with further collaborations from producers Nima Khak and Alex Frejenholm.

The EP as a whole contains a similar feeling throughout of being on a voyage into the deep ocean. Truly atmospheric techno with subtle variations and developments whilst still retaining enough of a satisfying and powerful kick to work in a club environment.

The first track Endurance, by Cari Lekebusch, is a powerful builder that begins with shudders, echoes and a hypnotising low frequency wave. The middle section slowly builds with the addition of subtle bleeps and bells that create an image of a submarine giving out ultrasonic pulses. It evolves with further submerged, underwater ripples and electrostatic high hats that wave in and out alongside a bassline to lead the layers of textured drops.

The more aggressive track, Sabzi, co-produced by Benjamin Mull and Nima Khak follows. It begins with a savage and wooden synth that has a very tribal-like feel to it. The track retains the familiar submerged background pulses that is retained throughout the experience. The synth develops nicely by growing in intensity alongside the variating sharp high hats and a constant light and hollow kick drum that keeps with the visceral nature of the EP.

To finish we have the eerie and sinister Finsk Tango, this time Mr Mull collaborating with Alex Frejenholm. There are creepy and melodic bells that grow in volume throughout with a very delicate and whisper like snare, complimented with a drowning underwater sounding bass in the background. For the climax of the track a tasty double kick drum with a pulsing shudder of snares and high hats ties the soundscape together. At the end we are left where we started, deep in the abyss surrounded by those all too familiar unsettling pulses.

moln dgtl02 is available now from all good digital retailers. Check out their SoundCloud for a preview, or hit play below.

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