The Waveform Transmitter Heavy Rotators: Vol.25

This week The Waveform Transmitter’s Rob Draper goes all out techno in the 25th edition of our Heavy Rotators column.

Heavy Rotators techno

This week The Waveform Transmitter’s Rob Draper goes all out techno in the 25th edition of our Heavy Rotators column.

Hello and welcome again to another instalment of the Heavy Rotators playlist. As per usual, we have 7 tracks and this week we are going to showcase the harder edge of the electronic spectrum, with a full-on techno assault from the off.

Starting us off the week is Detroit legend DJ Bone and his reworking of the already anthemic track, Wild Rages by Me & Her. Released on the HotTrax imprint, Bone strips the track back and adds a more layered drum arrangement with perfectly timed melodic breakdowns.

Next, we move into a track by young Italian producer Hanubis. A dark landscape is created and the track is brought to life with snappy snares, quick tempo high-hats and a furious bassline. Mosis is definitely on the harder side of the techno spectrum and is released on the RadioComplex label.

Up next is Vinicus Honorio, upcoming on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode imprint, this new exciting Brazilian artist unleashes this up beat techno beast. Packed full of haunting vocals and sleek drum pads, with a hard driving bassline this is an absolute killer techno track.

Our next track is the mysterious artist SNTS. Gripping and atmospheric, saturated with dark synths and a resonating monolithic choir, this track would be at home in the darkest recesses of any Berghain-esque establishment.

No introductions are needed for our next artist, taken from their album Machine Cut Noise on the Soma imprint. Scottish duo Slam lay down a sublime techno track. Tight drum loops are layered over a crescendo of aggressive synths and high-hats, with an energetic bass throbbing throughout.

Moving along we transition into a track by German producer Markus Suckut, released earlier in the year on the Redkids imprint as a 2 track EP. As ever Marcus unleashes a riotous sound with an intense pounding bass drum driving the track.

This week’s Heavy Rotators plays out courtesy of British mainstay James Ruskin. Ruskin released Work on his own BluePrint records label. This peak-time killer gets a rework from Steve Rachmad. With a high energy Detroit sound and a pummelling cow bell throughout.

As always, leave your comments, abuse and recommendations in the comments section below, and keep checking our SoundCloudMixCloud profiles for our Waveform Mixes and more Heavy Rotators.

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