On the Radar: Moteka – Forvrængning

Moteka drops his Forvrængning EP on A-Traction records in September, and The Waveform Transmitter’s Daniel Crossey explores the outer limits.

Moteka techno

Moteka drops his Forvrængning EP on A-Traction records in September, and The Waveform Transmitter’s Daniel Crossey explores the outer limits.

Moteka’s Forvrængning EP is the 44th vinyl release from the French A- Traction records. The Ep contains remixes from veterans Arnaud Le Texier and Antonio De Angelis of London based label Children of Tomorrow which Moteka has previously released on.

Moteka became obsessed with the world of experimental techno seven years ago, using it as an outlet for his hyperactive imagination and constant influx of ideas. Moteka and Arnaud became artistically connected quickly, seeking the same direction in terms of techno production, revelling in their shared passion for cerebral textures and psychedelic soundscapes.

The EP is a four part journey that takes you from industrial darkness through to a heavenly sparse finish. At times it has the elegance of Planetary Assault System’s Arc Angel, with a high tempo delivery.

To begin we are dropped right into the middle of the demonic dimension of Forvrængning with an aggressive and pounding kick drum, alongside intensive dials and high-pitched frequencies. The growing fire continues, as machine gun claps and snares weave in and out with a filtered satanic vocal that progressively opens and eventually envelops the sound.

Next we find ourselves in the leftover nightmare of Arnoud’s remix. A more hypnotic and deep experience that retains the arena of darkness with more room to breathe. Snares and bleeps disperse and melt around you along with pressured steam releases that give you a growing claustrophobic sense of being surrounded and choked.

After eventually making it out of the seemingly endless void, we are then transported through the chaotic wormhole of Polyrhythmic Overdrive where we encounter the fifth dimension. Rapid and invigorating layers of percussion alongside effects that create the feeling that flying objects are narrowly missing your head as you travel through at ultra-fast speed. The engine is provided by a constant and pulsing bassline.

Finally, we arrive at the pure and sacred sky of Antonio De Angelis’s remix of Polyrhythmic. Sparkles and stars surround this more ambient melodic production giving you a glimpse of your final destination.

Moteka‘s Forvrængning EP is available to purchase from all good retailers, in vinyl and digital formats, from all good retailers.

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