On the Radar: Clark Davis – D313 (EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

clark davis techno

Clark Davis drops his ‘D313’ EP on his District 66 imprint this week. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight enjoys a bit of ‘proper techno’ and exclusively premieres the track ‘Hardness’.

It makes a change to receive a promo that features what you might like to call ‘proper techno’. Proper, in that throughout the D313 EP, producer Clark Davis  errs on the more ‘industrial’ sound of techno – that being a lack of melody and a concentration around the bassline and the percussive elements of the track.

Opener D313 is a sparse, moody track, perfect for building a set, with the bass giving the track some real bite. The overall feel of the track is one of complete darkness, with even the top end managing to menace the listener as it punches through the thick, fuggy, bottom-end.

The District 66 label boss comes out swinging again, with Hardness on the flip. The track starts us off with a rumbling kick drum, which continues the dystopian theme from the title track. The percussion really takes centre stage for the first 2 minutes of the track as a lonely synth begins to permeate through the mix.

This is joined by a jarring ring-modulated synth that wails away in the distance, threatening to enter the fray but never quite taking over, panning confusingly from ear to ear. As we climb over the track’s mid-point further signals bulge through the bustling soundscape as the hi-hats skitter and skate across the top of the layers of sound. Hardness very much lives up to its name, adding a very welcome aggressive feel to the record.

Markus Suckut adds a certain swing to the title track, peppering the original with jack and groove through the addition of some heavy percussion.  Label-mate Alexander Kowalski offers up the remix of Hardness, dipping the track into a pool of mercury, submerging the original in liquid metal, with stannic samples cutting through the track like clashing swords.

Check out our exclusive premiere of Hardness, below. Clark Davis‘ D313 is available to buy on vinyl and digital formats from September 5th.


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