The Waveform Transmitter Heavy Rotators: Vol. 27

The Waveform Transmitter’s Rob Draper is back with his week’s Heavy Rotators playlist, featuring tracks by Amelie Lens, I Hate Models, and more.

Heavy Rotators techno

The Waveform Transmitter’s Rob Draper is back with his week’s Heavy Rotators playlist, featuring tracks by Amelie Lens, I Hate Models, and more.

Hello, and welcome to the 27th edition of the Heavy Rotators playlist. As per usual we have 7 killer tracks, showcasing various styles from across the electronica spectrum. Starting us off this week is UK duo, Spektre. Hailed as a “shining light for the shape and sound of techno to come” by one of the champions of the techno sound, Umek, the pair have dropped their latest track, Nasqueron last week. 7

A blistering techno affair which captures the sensibilities of early rave tracks, with the clipped vocal snippet that punctuates the mix in the first half, this track sets the playlist off to a flying start.

Moving swiftly into DJ Koze and his complete reworking of Moderat‘s electronica classic, Bad Kingdom. Released back in 2014 on MonkeyTown RecordsKoze gloriously installs all kinds of low end tackle, with phat ruptured basslines growling intensely. With the pitched down vocals, the track instantly becomes a tremendously  filthy  affair.

Up next is German movie score composer, Roland Appel . This unreleased track has fellow German, Recondite, on remix duties. A brooding masterpiece in minimal tech is played out before us. Stripped back and compressed, Recondite adds an undulating bass and, with an array of dark synths, makes this track a truly immersive number indeed.

Our next track is from UK based producer Joseph Thomas Price, plying his art under the moniker Third Son. Istanbul is his latest release on the Microcastle imprint. With this track Joseph displays his talents to lay down a truly cinematic score, constantly moving forward and with precise production he creates a dark, brooding  and pulsating track.

Advancing proceedings, we have another German artist for our 5th track. Up-and-coming producer Felix Krőcher, hailing from Frankfurt, offers production that is simply outstanding. With a myriad of percussion and a smooth rhythmic pulse, the track moves along with some intensity thanks to a deep galloping bass. The track is due for release on the Filth on Acid label.

Taking the BPM’s up a notch or two is Belgian star, Amelie Lens, with her track In Silence. The production has just been released as part of Drumcode‘s latest A-sides compilation. Straight from the off, Amelie plunges the listener straight into the deep end with this dark, functional techno track. Packed full of roaring acid basslines, weaved snares and hi-hats, and finished off nicely with a paradoxical vocal. We’ll be catching Lens this weekend at Birkenhead Priory thanks to Freeze and Av.Verde.

Finishing off this weeks playlist with an absolute favourite artist of ours here at The Waveform Transmitter, is French electronica supremo I Hate Models. An intense track indeed and one definitely on the more industrial scale of his musical bow.

Released on the Khemia Records imprint. IHM hits us with meteorological slabs of acid bass lines and distortion interwoven with a kaleidoscope of synth effects, resonated with ethereal singing courtesy of the artist himself and we’re sure you’ll agree it makes such an amazing track.

As always, leave your comments, abuse, and recommendations in the comments section below, and keep checking our SoundCloud & MixCloud profiles for our Waveform Mixes and more Heavy Rotators playlists.

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