First Transmission: Anja Schneider to Release First Album in Nine Years

Anja Schneider techno
(credit: Patrice Brylla)

November sees Anja Schneider release her intimate album, SoMe on new imprint, Sous. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight awaits the diverse release.

Anja Schneider is one of those artists who transcends just being a producer and, by extension, does a lot for the underground electronic music scene. Her involvement in founding the Mobilee imprint had a huge impact on the world of dance music, bringing fantastic artists and releases in abundance.

Now, however, Anja has left the label that she has spent the last 12 years nurturing, in search of pastures new. With a newfound creative focus, she has decided to head a new project, Sous, which sees her releasing her first album since 2008’s Beyond the ValleySoMe is due for release on November 7th.

Anja has been back to crate digging her own collection and the dusting off of classic music has given her creative charge she needed, which is apparent from the early house tropes that appear in her opening single, All I See. The track features some idiosyncratic piano riffs that are unique to the early piano house sound, while still ensuring the track remains fresh for the current listener.

Sous is set to feature forward thinking music and sound from some of the globe’s most revolutionary pioneers, Schneider herself included. We will undoubtedly see some exciting music coming out of the project. In the meantime, Anja has released a snippet of her first single, taken from SoMe. You can check out a preview of the track, below.


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