On the Radar: Will Saul and Tee Mango present Primitive Trust – Fallen Down EP

Disco dons Will Saul and Tee Mango drop the second EP from their Primitive Trust project. The Waveform Transmitter’s Paul McGuinness offers up his thoughts on the four-tracker.

The Fallen Down EP is the second release from Tee Mango and Will Saul’s Primitive Trust project, featuring a remix by Shanti Celeste.

The EP opens with title track Fallen Down, which is a lush, languid, broken-beat affair, moving from deep vocal stabs to melodic warm synth lines topped off with a lovely percussive element.

Day One starts just as steamy and deep as it ends. This is one for the true track heads; a shuffled-out tech house working with glimpses of a future sound.

Next up is Bristol-based and Chilean-born Shanti Celeste takes up the reigns on the remix of “Day One” she adds a blissed out house vibe to the mix, building interest as she goes whilst keeping that warm punchy and groovy sound.

Finally, Big TrackyDisco Tool is exactly what the title says it is, a big groove filled disco looper reminiscent of producers like Gusto and Paul Johnson. Play this to packed out dance floor at your pleasure.

Will Saul and Tee Mango’s Primitive Trust released their Fallen Down EP on Aus Music on September 1st. It is available to buy now on both vinyl and digital formats. Check it out, below.


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