On the Radar: In The Dark Again 08 – Igors Vorobjovs & Dmitry Distant (EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

Snuffworks techno electro

In the Dark Again are back with another edition of their eponymous series, this time from Igor Vorobjovs and Dmitry Distant. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes stock of the doom-laden six track EP.

The Berlin label-head and producer Snuffo gives the enigmatic Latvian producers Igors Vorobjovs and Dmitry Distant a chance to join forces on In The Dark Again 08. This is an EP that is swimming in dark electro sounds, and writing with the influence of classic electronic innovators such as Kraftwerk, Nine Inch Nails and John Foxx.

Tracks like Multiple Allelism by Dimitry Distant and The Future Was Here by Vorobjovs are sweeping investigations into the power of mystical, dread laden and raw electronic music. The entire EP is steeped in a despondent meditation that seeks to entice and hypnotise; a world of bleak futures arrives in a stylish and considered fashion.

The opening track, Reloading, takes a strong 8-bit influence with grungy, lo-fi samples, recalling the glorious nostalgia of early 90s video games. The heavily processed vocals ooze with a moody and unrefined dystopian aesthetic, whilst viscid acid lines drip around the soundscape. This is a novel introductory track that maintains an interesting examination of sound composition, and opens a dramatic thematic pallet for the EP.

Vorobjovs maintains the 8-bit exploration with Broken Synthesiser. If Blade Runner had been re-imagined as a side scrolling video game in the vein of Streets of Rage, then this would be the soundtrack. Rasping saw-tooth notes, fizzing sci-fi chiptune samples, and an addictive bassline all invoke the idea that an android in a trench coat could confront you at any moment. A haunting vocal by Darya Nizamova completes the track; fully immersing the listener in a dark portrait of futurism.

Dmitry Distant interprets the black neon theme instigated by Vorobjovs to produce a track that harks back to the electric ideal started by Gary Numan in the late 70s, where the dystopian paranoia of Philip K. Dick seemed to permeate the pioneer’s music. Staggered bass plucks throb with a menacing purpose, and a chiming electric piano melody dances in melancholic isolation. A sad, contemplative and educated arrangement that really enhances the vision of the EP.


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