On the Radar: Matuss – Absence Seizure 8


Matuss extends the reach of her Absence Seizure series of releases, with the eighth in the sequence. The Waveform Transmitter’s Daniel Crossey takes a listen to the intricate techno workings of the Ukranian producer.

Today we are excited to listen to Ukrainian DJ and Producer Matuss, especially after the brilliant contribution of the raw Solicitors Are Welcome track for our own House for Homeless CD.

Matuss jumped in head first as soon as had a taste of electronic music, and within months had firmly established herself in the Ukrainian scene after learning the art of mixing. She has a passion for music which started at an early age after being exposed to the piano and saxophone as a child, however later became enveloped in the world of electronic music.

Her latest three track EP is the eighth release from her record label Absence Seizure; an imprint – co-founded with Abe Duque – that aims to release music that weave into the deeper and more progressive strands of techno and house.

Seizure No.8 has three distinct styles of electronic configuration ranging from melodic house, percussive techno and a lovely tribal, progressive finish.

To begin we have the fun and vibrant Fairy Dust. Familiar 90’s Rhodes chords, along with happy claps and kicks, get us moving. The bass line gives the track a funky turn with a tasty dub rhythm that develops nicely. Sparse and dreamy synths surround the track giving it a deep but mystic feel.

Next, we have Baelfire, a raw and murky production. You can hear the title of the track instantly with crackly pops and whips taking the place of more familiar percussion. A filtered and distant effect that sounds like the inside of a rusty barrel permeates the air. A creature begins lurking out of the swamp as an acidic bassline arrives as a surprising climax.

We finish off with the very tribal and animalistic Faramount, that constructs itself like a forest developing within the organised chaos of nature.  Hollow and organic percussions build around each other with a driving and groovy bass line. Subtle bells and tin like effects take off into a world of their own as the sounds effortlessly develop.

Absence Seizure 8, by Matuss, is available now from all good retailers.


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