Secret Weapons Vol. 2 – Benjamin Mull

Secret Weapons Techno

Benjamin Mull, of Stokholm imprint Moln Records and H-Productions is selecta for our second Secret Weapons feature. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents Benjamin’s playlist, and takes a listen to his upcoming Moln release.

If you’ve been following our articles like you should be, then you will already be familiar with the work of Swedish techno producer Benjamin Mull. He has recently teamed up with one of our favourite artists, Cari Lekebusch, to launch Moln Records, whose Moln DGTL02 was released last month, much to our critical acclaim.

The pair have been in the studio again, this time recording a (currently very de rigueur) live jam and releasing it as an EP, named Moln Live 1-2. The concept is quite simple. Single take, no edits, live jam, record, master, release. The pair obviously work well together, as the two tracks contained on the EP are striking examples of how live techno should sound.

Live 1 is a driving techno track that pulverises the listener throughout with hard-edged beats and a rumbling bassline. Live 2 is more of a progressive track, building layers and dropping textures in and out of the mix as the track moves forward. It is a delightful package of work and we recommend investing in the tracks to add to your arsenal.

Speaking of which, Benjamin has kindly put together his own arsenal of Secret Weapons, giving us all an insight into what he likes to play in his sets. Check out his dancefloor devastators, below.

Exium96.1 Mhz

One of my current favourite duos. Good stuff for the floor always come from these guys. with this track as the perfect example.

Dimi Angelis & Jeroen SearchMonopole

Not much needs to be said about this track, simple and super effective – as I like it.


This is released on Illian Tape Records, which is a label from the Zenker Brothers. Always great releases and this one is one of my favourites.

Ritzi LeeSonic Sense

This track is such a great tool. With the right timing it can really raise the roof.


Great track I play frequently by a young German Producer called Parallx. There is heaps of great music coming from the new Berliner crew.

Benjamin MullÅsni

One of my first tracks I released on my label Moln. Can still hear the motor of my beat-up tape echo which dies and comes back, something that created great movement in the track. Now I have repaired it, but I kinda miss the flaws…


Great track from my brother from his project Icarus. Not a lot of people know this alias.

Agent OrangeWarm Love

This track is made by Cari Lekebusch, also with an alias. It is released on Loop Records, which is one of Sweden’s first techno labels. Loads of good music on this label, so make sure to check it out.

DJ HellHot on The Heels of Love (Dave Clarke Remix)

One of the first techno tracks that I got from Joel when I was a kid. Still a Bomb.


This track I often use to end my sets. It’s a reminder of my Dad who passed away couple of years ago.

Big thanks to Benjamin Mull for his awesome contribution to our series. Keep up with our regular Secret Weapons feature, we have plenty more in store for you over the coming weeks.


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