Waveform Mix Series 24: Fresh Poison

Italian production duo, Fresh Poison, contribute this week’s Waveform Mix, heavy on the melodic techno sound. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight chats to them about how they met, what they’re doing in the studio, and what the future holds.

Italian production duo, Fresh Poison, contribute this week’s Waveform Mix, heavy on the melodic techno sound. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight chats to them about how they met, what they’re doing in the studio, and what the future holds.

Happening upon new producers is something we truly take marvel in here at The Waveform Transmitter, so it was much to our liking when we received a promo for Fresh Poison‘s debut offering on the youthful German imprint, Laconico. The two have put together a delightful EP, which comes straight from the melodic techno stable, combining euphonious textures with mesmerising grooves to wondrous effect.

The two tracks can quite easily draw comparison with the likes of Stephan BodzinMarc Romboy, and Tale of Us. Laconico features a beguiling arpeggiated chord progression that evolves throughout the track, laid over some lilting stabs and an infectiously dance-able groove that permeates the mix. The title track is remixed by Carrying Ghosts, who weaves a much darker tale into Fresh Poison‘s tapestry.

On the flip, Epigraphico lets the synths loose over the top of the rumbling bassline, as melodies twirl playfully around the soundscape. The remix for this track comes courtesy of Hike‘s Aerz, who switches the evil on with a flurry of percussion and some dark, sinister sounds. If this is the quality of production we have to look forward to from Fresh Poison, then we can certifiably say that they are going to be quite the big deal.

The pair have kindly put together a killer Waveform Mix for our series, which features some lush modern techno with a melodic twist. You can listen to the mix below, but first lets see what they had to say for themselves when they spoke to our editor, Ste Knight.

Waveform: Hi Fresh Poison, thanks for talking to the Waveform Transmitter today, how’s 2017 been for you so far?

Fresh Poison: Hi, well, we can say that 2017 was a year full of inspirations, initiatives and satisfaction for us. We have our first EP out on Hike, we have implemented our recording studio with new tools and we are currently collaborating with other international artists for a new EP

Waveform: Please introduce yourselves, where you are from and how you met?
Fresh Poison: We’re Daniele and Francesca, from Bari in Southern Italy and we met in 2015. We met at a party in a basement where we both used to DJ and realised we shared the same passion for electronic music and decided to join forces. 
Waveform: What first turned you on to djing and then later production?
Fresh Poison: We have both been addicted to electronic music since we were children, which later inspired us to want to create something of our own.
Our first gig was at the end of 2015 and it was very exciting for us as a duo, because we had to open the event for &ME and Konstantin Sibold in front of 1500 people. Not easy for the first time play in front of so many people, but we did very well !
Waveform: What are the pros and cons of djing and producing as duo?
Fresh Poison: To be honest we don’t have any cons, rather, there are only good prospects, specially when we are in studio, In fact sometimes as it happens to everyone, you can stay “stuck in a moment”  listening for hours and hours loop on loop, but being two we can complete each other.
Waveform: Who does what in the studio?
Fresh Poison: We don’t actually have any specific roles when we’re writing and producing, we like to leave it open where everything can happen. Usually we start to by jamming some instruments like a drum machine such as our Roland TR-8 to have the base and then we start with Synths like: Moog minimoog, Arturia Microbrute, Korg Minilogue, without any rules and see what happens and take it from there.
Waveform: You have your debut single coming out on HIKE Records, you must be very excited, what can we expect to hear musically?
Fresh Poison: We’re very happy to debut on Hike! What we can certainly guarantee is that Laconico EP has definitely got a very dark mood. The whole EP is full of bass line and low passes, and both tracks have the same strong and predominant character, characterised by melodic synth sounds and nuances. The remixes are two great masterpieces with exceptional techno tones.
Waveform: Was making Techno your first love or have you experimented with other genres?
Fresh Poison: Techno music is a state of mind for us!
Waveform: Growing up what did you listen to and who are your biggest influences?
Fresh Poison: We grew up listening to many different and conflicting musical genres, but one of the greatest passions has always been the electronic music since 80’s to mention some of these: Gary Newman, Bronski Beat, Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode. As far as the current music scene, we can certainly say that the underground spectrum now is full of masters and talents, to name a few of these:  ÂME, Len Faki, Green Velvet, Marco Carola, Chris Liebing, Loco Dice and many more…
Waveform: Coming from Italy, who are your favourite producers from the Italian scene?
Fresh Poison: Tale Of Us, Mind Against, Fango, Proudly People, Massimiliano Pagliara, Marco Faraone, Joseph Capriati.
Waveform: You lived in Australia for a while, what fuelled the move and how was the scene?
Fresh Poison: We actually lived in Australia for a couple of years where the underground scene now is growing a lot and getting stronger. One of the best places that we played in Sydney was the S.A.S.H. but there are other really nice clubs to find out, now: Burdekin Hotel, Chinese Laundry (Sydney), The TBC Club (Brisbane). Now we’re back in Italy and we’re Milano-based, actually we’re resident DJs in an amazing club that we love to call home; VINILE 45 (Brescia).
Waveform: What’s next for Fresh Poison?
Fresh Poison: We are currently working hard for our upcoming releases, but we do not want to reveal anything yet…follow us and stay tuned.
Waveform: Finally, please tell us about your mix you’ve made for The Waveform Transmitter? 
Fresh Poison: When you asked us to make an exclusive mix for you, we thought we would give up our instincts without any rules. In this special mix you will find two of the remixes included in our EP, Epigrafico (AERZ Remix) and Laconico (Carrying Ghosts remix), the musical imprint of this mix is very techno we hope you will like it !

Fresh Poison Laconico is out now on HIKE Recordings, so be sure to check that out. In the meantime, turn the lights down, turn the volume up, and get busy with Fresh Poison‘s Waveform Mix.

1 Red SkyTale Of Us 2 Cloudy MondayKeith Carnal 3 393Per:sona 4 LaconicoFresh Poison // Carrying Ghosts remix 5 AlgorithmBinaryh 6 Source of Uncertainty 7 StrippedLen Faki 8 SignificsSlam 9 AtlantisWoo York 10 ForwardNTFO 11  The DawnChloè // Dixon remix 12 EpigraficoFresh Poison // AERZ remix

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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