Focused Beams: Lovebeat – Danny Jarrett

The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall feels the love after taking a moment to talk to Liverpool promoter extraordinaire Danny Jarrett about his latest event project, Lovebeat. 


The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall feels the love after taking a moment to talk to Liverpool promoter extraordinaire Danny Jarrett about his latest event project, Lovebeat. 

Danny Jarrett is one of the city’s most forward-thinking promoters. His commitment to furnishing Liverpool with an unparalleled selection of world-renown DJs and live acts is something that makes us at The Waveform Transmitter swoon with delight. Mr. Jarrett has had embedded his talents within such party behemoths as tRiBe, Liverpool Disco Fest, and The Baltic Weekender, and provided this side of Merseyside with a veritable feast of electronic delight.

Now he has decided to expand his roving vision with Lovebeat, a brand-new event label that seeks to explore the heights of hedonism and drive the Liverpool electronic music scene forward.

Danny sat down with us to discuss his plans for Lovebeat.

Waveform: How would you summarise your direction?

We will be producing a mix of huge in-house events with international artists right through to intimate parties with new concepts to give up and coming talent a platform to showcase their skills. We are also working with some of the biggest brands and venues in the city by offering consultations, staff and promotional services.

Waveform: What was the vision for Lovebeat?

The events we have planned will be curated with a focus on art, themes, sound and light to create a truly immersive experience. Our launch party with Tom Trago on the 27th September will encapsulate exactly what we are about.


The theme is EDEN and we will be creating a hedonistic playground. Expect a feast for the senses in a space that allows you to explore, experiment and lose yourself in the music. We have four midweek EDEN shows with special guests between now and Christmas then we have a new theme to introduce in the new year. Alongside the big brands we are working with on the weekends, we have a seriously fun filled diary.

Our ethos is simple: Creatively produce events that take all aspects of the desired vibe and experience into consideration. We only use and collaborate with venues, DJ’s, artists and production teams that operate at the high standard we set ourselves. The incredible and recently refurbished warehouse, Hangar 34 will be our home for the big ones with its new festival style lighting rig and sound system. You will know when you are at a Lovebeat party.

Waveform: How do you see yourself embedding yourself within the scene?

We want and need like-minded individuals who share our love of the beat to join us. Due to our connections there will be plenty of work opportunities, and unlike a lot of other event companies and promoters, our aim is to actually help our members grow as the network grows.

Through a mix of paid and voluntary roles we will help people gain proper event experience and a real taste of the music industry. If people think they are good enough, ambitious enough and genuine enough then we want them to help build this community within the Liverpool scene.

Lovebeat will debut on 27th September with Dutch wizard Tom Trago at Hanger 34.

Super Early Bird tickets are sold out.

Advanced tickets start from £5.

Ticket link:

Author: Jack Threlfall

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