On the Radar: Erofeev – Abdumanob

erofeev techno

Siberian soundscape artist, Erofeev, released his latest EP, Abdumanob, via Russian imprint, Resonance Moscow, recently. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights takes a listen to the interpretative techno cuts on the haunting six-tracker.

Out of the frozen wilderness of Siberia appears a shape in the distance, the sound that accompanies this figure echoes the industrial factory floors that gave birth to the noise we are about to witness.

Ivan Erofeev is a unique producer and gifted soundscaper, you may have known him as Aleph but here we see him simply as Erofeev, releasing his new 6 track EP Abdumanob.  The extended player was released on 11th September by Resonance Moscow.

We are introduced to tracks that reflect the industrial, cold, historical, environment of the Siberian city Omsk from where he originates. An 18th century fortress town, built to defend Russia’s borders, Erofeev combines this proud history within his music to tell us tales of life on the edge of European maps.

This bold, techno-tribal release plays dreams of new experiences and warmer shores against the cold reality of today and the quagmire of history. Celebrating with the mature, pulsing sounds of endurance Erofeev mixes the insistent techno rhythms with clever samples and esoteric sounds that sends the listener back underground, dancing round fires in a trance like state whilst our shadows on the wall scare away the uninitiated. Follow us down towards the distant fire and learn what we saw there.

The opening title track begins with tonal tom rhythms and rushing whispers. Like a witch doctor’s spell it binds us to dancing, inducing imagery, then chants unify us with a simple pattern of sampled voices, the devil is in the detail, as a synth spurts out its magmatic hit we then know we are in for quite the journey.

Bed of Honour is an industrial number with a fantastic quick, spring reverb on a wooden sounding synth that sits well on a rushing snare, with echoing claves and an eastern clapping rhythm.

As we hit the half way point of our journey Tribe bleeps and rings as though it has the effect of distorting as it hits your ears, with a rough around the edges, tinged with dirt feel, big and long reverb create a monster of a factory space, is there a monster in there?

A haunting track, Resin, has me feeling like I’m being watched. A sinister kind of vessel, armed with bird whistles and radio static samples, reporting to the melody gods with a hypnotic synth line message, attached to a beat that would stir the ancients souls.

Caucasus hits us with a nice and simple snare beat, slowly joined by a wobbling undertone that jumps into the fire pit with a swagger dance. Electric flute synth tones fly, pleasing to the ears, and are aided by acid drips from a damp cave roof all combining to create an intense track that grows and experiments with our understanding.

The last track on the album is Areograd a slippery, bendy number that sounds like a form of acoustic dub. Delay bounces the percussive synth as an undercooked hi-hat fades in, along with twisted samples of industrial pipes and steam release valves opening and closing. There is a whipping, dashing past feel that adds an urgency to the end of the shift.

As extended players go this keeps the mood from start to end and is a thoroughly enjoyable, industrial, tribalistic record. Erofeev – Abdumanob was released by Resonance Moscow and is out now, on vinyl from most good retailers.


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