On the Radar: SP-X – Contours of the Soul

SP-X techno

The enigmatic producer, SP-X, releases the first EP, Contours of the Soul, on Cleric’s new label, PROJEKT. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall soaks up the atmospherics.

Texture of Thought is a brutal exercise in focused electronic music. A milieu of robotic chirps simmer underneath a mesh of rolling bass, whilst claps ricochet across the arrangement. Countless indiscernible samples amalgamate to concoct a dizzying formula of sub-zero techno and paint the atmosphere with a claustrophobic tension.

Continuing the theme of claustrophobia, the next track, Process Control, summons a vision cybernetic futurism – babbling binary bleeps bestow an incessant dread to the ensemble, and catapult the listener into a land of cold isolation. The intensity of the track doesn’t let up thanks to the complexity of hi-hat and snare patterns, their arrangement adds an undeniable rhythm to the track and allows the chaos of the electronic leads to express themselves fully.

If Process Control were to be considered the soundtrack to a fearful cyber-dystopia, then Lost on Arrival is its playful brother concerned more with structure and identifiable notes. An odd rhythm leads the track, but it interestingly lends itself well to dance. A chorus of ruminating and often comforting ambient pad sounds wallow in the background, whilst a pulsing bassline drives the track forward with aplomb.

Cleric takes on remix duties for Lost on Arrival and delivers an expansive and synapse burning interpretation. The percussion is bathed in delay, and the metallic aesthetic seeks to conjure visions of vast, abandoned spaces. Jolts of laser synth loops slice through the tension and pierce the very nerve endings of the listener, commanding them to bow to the refined fury of cyber-punk sensibilities.

SP-X Contours of the Soul, is available to buy on vinyl and digital format, from September 25th.


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