On the Radar: London Modular Alliance – Wolves EP

London Modular Alliance techno electro

The boys at London Modular Alliance have been busy tweaking synths for their latest release, Wolves EP, released recently on Hypercolour. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight enjoys five killer electro cuts.

It is always a pleasure, here at Waveform HQ, when a dirty great slab of electro lands in the inbox. Such an occurrence took place recently, when London Modular Alliance‘s latest EP, Wolves, arrived for our ears to lap up.

The trio hail, quite obviously, from the Big Smoke, and were founded around the modular synth store they run together in Hackney Wick. With a penchant for all things rack-mounted and modular, it will come as no surprise that their productions are heavy on the electro vibe. Quite literally music to our ears.

Wolves kicks off with a low-slung workout, namely Brockie Det. Dream-like, woozy, pads provide a perfect foundation upon which the hard-edged electro beats are built, as synth blurps belch out over the top of the mix. There are certainly elements of motor funk in the first track on the EP, as it swings around the soundscape nonchalantly.

The same can be said for Militant, which continues the funked out feel of track one, bludgeoning beats ironing out some seriously oozing bass throbs. Granulated synths and heavy saw waves fizz in and out of the track as some delectable hi-toms inject a further shot of swing.

Advance and Proceed takes things into a much darker realm, menacingly slowing down the BPM while drawn-out, waspish synths deliver the sting in the tail of the track. The cymbal rides give the track a certain piquant of jazz, however the track stats firmly in the electro sphere. Particularly when the killer beat drops back in around the three minute mark.

Tremors comes alive like some sort of sentient being. Bulging saws screech across the top of some frenetic beat programming before the acid line eventually takes control of the track, giving it that familiar hypnotic edge that only the little silver box can do.

The EP title track starts out with lush pads swelling into the headspace. A braindance feel (a sound which appears to be seeing a resurgence in popularity of late) is almost certainly presented in the production, as vocal snippets strike out, surrounded by playful percussion.

A great EP in all from London Modular AllianceWolves is available now in vinyl and digital format.


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