On the Radar: Anno Stamm – Fragments B

Anno Stam Techno

Anno Stam, AKA Lars Stöwe, dropped his latest EP, Fragments B, recently, on All City Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Dan Crossey takes a listen to some IDM tinged techno workouts.

Today we have the eccentric and bold Anno Stamm, the side project of leftfield producer Lars Stöwe aka Anstam. Lars enjoys toying with genre defining boundaries, occasionally sticking to themes and then smashing them to pieces with a hyperactive mash up of sounds. A blend of maximalist IDM, and a Berghain presence analogous to his Berlin routes. He has released on Modeselektor’s 50 weapons and his own Anstam label.

Fragments B is the second release on the Dublin label All City. Compared with the first release, Fragments A, B is a more focused and straight-laced Ep in terms of 4/4 percussion and retaining a central rhythm. However, the EP still retains his never ending experimental nature with three completely different creations that perplex the mind.

To begin we march forward with the stomping and circus act feel of La Vinde. A distinct bass line synth carries the soundscape through, occasionally bending and distorting throughout. Sparkly, bright synths mimic the rhythm and sprinkle the arena giving a fairy-tale imagery of exploration.

Next, we have the animated and shamelessly expressive Do Yoused To Go, with bold and harsh metallic guitar chords taking the centre stage. The chords morph into colourful and flamboyant synths with a surprising addition of a thunderous kick drum.  Mind bending vocals blend in and out of the soundscape adding to the grandiose and psychedelic progression.

To finish we have the experimental finish of Pyramid Peach, taking us into a deep exploration of friction. Akin to Luke Abbott’s Whitebox, taking us through a hissy and scratchy energy field with various samples distorting around each other in a crisscross like fashion, like a pair of scissors cutting chaotically through your speakers. A steady kick throughout gives this static trip an unexpected and satisfying groove.

You can buy your copy of Anno StammFragments B now from all good retailers, in both vinyl and digital formats.


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