On the Radar: A. Brehme – Intiyat

A. Brehme hits  Form and Function with his latest release, Intiyat. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights begs the Brussels artist to hit our shores for some deck wizardry.

A Brehme Techno

A. Brehme hits  Form and Function with his latest release, Intiyat. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights begs the Brussels artist to hit our shores for some deck wizardry.

Blowing in from the capital of Belgium comes a breath of psychedelic, minimalist techno air, in the form of A.Brehme with his debut release Intiyat. Over the years the Brussels based artist has busied himself gaining a solid reputation as a DJ, frequently appearing and curating his own Fuse club nights in Brussels and regularly playing in clubs like Suicide Circus and De School, as well as being a co-resident with Peter Van Hoesen at Technoon.

After years of making a name for himself on the live scene it is with this release that Brehme has brought us four powerful chunks of ambient techno, Inaudible years of devoted studio time represent the culmination of a sound and mindset that he has gained his reputation upon.  Symbiotically combining a passion for producing records and sculpting intense live sets he embodies a purist approach to sound and displays both the ability to kick up dust clouds from the floor of dark rooms, with meteoric repetitive mixes alongside the creation of a deep, intense EP like Intiyat.

A-side opener Intiyat hypnotises with subtle percussive elements which add a pulse to the chanting ambience of a mysterious voice alongside the choral drone of monastery monks, as a rattling stick echoes to create a seemingly large space for your mind to run around freely in, the sonic direction has been set and this distorted initiation has been held.

Second track on side A, Hata Isler, carries on the themes previously introduced, bringing subliminal voices mixed with evolving snares and hats, a deep, resonant wind blows through an abandoned hill top ruin, as a sample of paper being turned with whispers are shared that cause an utterly enjoyable side of moody, psychedelic, minimal techno that had me believing I was somewhere else.

Flip the physical version over and side B begins with Insan, a simple but effective track that persists with an irresistible drive that upgrades the tempo with layers of rhythmic rain-sticks and drones, inducing a thunder storm of sonic hypnosis, causing disorientation and an irresistible urge to jump in – into what I’m not sure.

As the EP closer Tzotzil hits you like a skilful, glooming shaman, witnesses are taken on a journey built on a dark appearing bassline, an ethereal atmosphere breathes around your head like a mist from which mysteries are bred and with that the EP draws its close.

Released on Form and Function on October 3rd and available on vinyl and digital, A.Brehme‘s Intiyat harnesses telluric currents that flow deep under a hypnotic pulse”- A-Brehme.

This debut release is well worth giving up your time to listen too, if you like it as much as we at The Waveform Transmitter do you may well listen to this on repeat and for years to come, which deserves buying it on vinyl and begging he comes over to play English cities soon.

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