On the Radar: Sieren – Ascension

Sieren has recently released his latest EP, Ascension, on the venerated Apollo Recordings. The Waveform Transmitter’s Daniel Crossey takes on the bass-heavy productions of the Ableton engineer.

Sieren has been developing a unique sound that infuses atmospheric and elegant ambience with a murky post-bass percussive structure and tempo. An ambitious feat to be able to place all of these varying themes together, however the clear enthusiasm and soul that is put into each of these pieces means that he pulls it off with style and flair.

Ascension is a five-track EP with moments of reflection and bliss, along with injections of aggression and thunder that could easily shake down a dance floor. His new-found curiosity for natural soundscape recordings is illustrated, with points where you feel textures literally melting around you from all directions, a truly immersive experience that needs to be experienced using proper sound output.

Tailored Mistakes kicks us off with dreamy layers of ambience and a driving sub bass along with crisp and icy percussions. It almost sounds like a Jon Hopkins production but with more grit, as the atmospheric synths and drifty piano is blended in with a heavy pounding kick drum and wobbly bass.

Suddenly, we are projected into the espionage thriller of Slinger. Heavy industrial off-beat drum patterns lift us off with sinister synths and aggressive robotic vocals. When you think things can lift off any more, further double time percussions burst out and further elevate this chaotic and complex bass experience. Slinger could easily blow the roof off in a techno set whilst carrying its own murky and deep unique energy to it, a brilliant weapon.

U8 strikes out as a liquid, ambient dubstep track, with a constant oscillating sub bass that progresses in pitch adding to the emotive build of the track. Soothing and reverberated vocals and synths give this a water-like and serene atmosphere. Icy sharp high hats and snares that could cut through rock provide edge to the ambience. A tranquil blend of hypnotic synths, emotive melodies and satisfying syncopated percussions.

For Lost Again we have Synkro collaborating this time. A familiar stillness initially takes the plane as hushes and emotive piano keys glide us in. However, it’s the offbeat percussion that makes this production, where the beats open and then wrap themselves back up in a complex twist of sounds, like the slither and rattle of a snake catching its prey before retreating into itself. A retro electro synth makes its way in that gives a dreamy feel of a Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein track from Stanger Things.

Finally, we have the heavenly ambient title track of Ascension, which really illustrates Sieren’s skilled application of using surround sound experiences within his recent productions. Leaves and forestry gently ruffle and blow around you, with background strings as rays of light shining through the clouds whilst wind continues to surround you with crisp workings of nature. Echoed voices and soft keys gently drop into this vast ocean.

Sieren‘s Ascension EP is available to buy now from all good digital retailers.


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