Secret Weapons Vol.7 – Secluded

Secret Weapons Techno

Well versed in detonating dancefloor bombs on a regular basis, Secluded, AKA Hans Bouffmyhre lets loose a round from the sound cannon, in this edition of Secret Weapons, presented by The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight.

Stephen Gorrie is a name that has become synonymous with high quality electronic music, be under his Hans Bouffmyhre moniker, his Secluded alias, or as the head of his well-respected Glaswegian techno imprint, Sleaze Records.

The label has released tracks from some of the underground electronic music scene’s most important artists, including the likes of PercGary BeckMonoloc, and Electric Rescue. We mustn’t forget that Gorrie makes sure he keeps his production hand well and truly in the mixing bowl, releasing countless EPs and singles of his own making via the imprint.

Stephen is due to release his next EP under the Secluded guise, on November 6th, titled…Untitled Basement Dubs. The collection opens with BD.01, which features some classic techno percussion, which is enhanced by an almost trance-like arpeggiated synth progression. BD.02 is a full pelt circuit-fryer, looping hypnotically as the lead cuts through the mix like a saw-wave.

BD.03 features a stunning string-soaked breakdown around the third of the way through the track, before we are treated to a drop of epic magnitude. BD.04 is an altogether more minimal, dub-techno affair, while BD.05 turns up the dark with some heavy, frantic percussion (particularly the top end) which skitters about over a devilish lead, as sirens permeate through the back end of the mix. Perfect warehouse fodder, in all.

Those who have seen Gorrie DJ will know about his capacity to completely tear up a dancefloor and relay the entire foundations of a techno set. It will come as no surprise, then, that his Secret Weapons playlist pulls no punches. Attacking hard from all angles, here is Secluded‘s ten top shottas.

Par Grindvik & Nihad Tule Kuortane (Landmarks)

Been playing this track for what feels like ages, but I think it was only released just over a year ago. Epic booming track with plenty of groove!


This is a great track which was released on my brother’s label in 2014. Xhei is a lovely guy from Buenos Aires and Delz works so well when played to a packed room.

Amotik Kala

Been loving the Amotik stuff over the past couple of years. Kala is one of his latest tracks for Figure Jams. Love the vibe on this.

Dimi AngélisWhiplash

This has a nice old school acid feel. It’s also a very functional track for playing in my sets.


When you combine Rod and Klockworks you really can’t go wrong! Love the simplicity of this production and how the track builds into absolute chaos, then just drops to nothing again. Genius.

Flug1K (Truncate Ghetto Jack Remix)

The first remix Truncate did for my Sleaze label. A few years old now, but still one of my favourite Truncate productions ever.

SecludedDimension (Jonas Kopp 5th Dimension Remix) 

2012 was the year I started releasing music as Secluded. The first person I asked to make a remix for me was Jonas and to be honest it’s still an absolute banger!

Under Black Helmet Jagged

Been a big fan of Mord since the beginning, but this recent track by Under Black Helmet is a personal favourite.

Mark BroomShanty Star

One of my favourite tracks by one of my favourite producers. Broom can do no wrong!

SecludedFeeling (Reeko Remix)

Arguably the biggest track released on my Secluded label so far. This pumping, stripped down groover works perfectly as a set opener for me.

Keep an eye on The Waveform Transmitter, for more of our Secret Weapons playlists.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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