On the Radar: John Heckle – Changes EP

Merseyside producer John Heckle returns with his latest EP, Changes, which is released via Super Rhythm Trax this week. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight gets to grips with three emotive techno cuts.

John Heckle. You should all know who he is by now. His name has been a mainstay of the underground scene, not only in his Merseyside home, but also on the wider international scene, racking up gigs and appearances for all manner of impressive brands.

Heckle makes a return on October 26th when he releases his latest EP, Changes, via Jerome Hill‘s Super Rhythm Trax label. Here we have three cuts that manage to combine emotion with classic techno sounds from the inimitable 909 rhythm sequencer, through to the almost jazz-inspired, keyed elements of the productions.

Opener 4am Chord is one such track, featuring a housey piano chord progression, before we usher in some refined techno percussion. This track has one foot planted in the Motor City, while the other remains squarely in the Windy City thanks to the piano melody. 4am Chord has definitely been touched by Mr. Fingers influence-wise.

Next track up is JV Ride, which continues the piano theme, this time opening the track up to some full-on dancefloor devastation. Title track Changes closes out the record with some cosmic house, following on thematically from Heckle‘s previous releases, Life on Titan and The 4th Dimension.

John Heckle Changes EP is released on October 26th via Super Rhythm Trax.


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