On The Radar: Saytek – Live Jams EP Vol 2

Saytek drops his latest Live Jams EP this week on Detone Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a listen to an accomplished live EP, and presents the world premiere of the brilliant ‘Twelve’.

Saytek techno

Saytek drops his latest Live Jams EP this week on Detone Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a listen to an accomplished live EP, and presents the world premiere of the brilliant ‘Twelve (Live)’.

Despite the astonishing trajectory of Joseph Keevill‘s meteoric rise to the top of his game, it is perfectly reasonable to say that his ascent is well and truly justified. A string of impressive releases and live performances have seen his popularity increase faster than quantum entanglement and, given that the majority of this has occurred within the past 11 months, this really is a feat of almost superhuman dexterity.

Saytek, our new favourite hardware heretic, has been busy craving quite the niche for himself. Heretic, why? Well, he doesn’t prescribe to ‘the rules’. He seems to be rewriting them as he goes along, unwavering in his dedication to do something different than the swathes of paint-by-numbers techno that seem to have insidiously saturated the scene.

What makes Keevill so special is that his sets – and tracks – are all performed live, meaning that he must operate a horde of robot servants, with a seemingly immeasurable ocean of blinking lights spread out before him as he manipulates the waves of his sonic sea to awe-inspiring effect.

November 3rd 2017 sees Saytek release his latest EP, Live Jams Vol 2, on Darren Emerson‘s Detone imprint. Undoubtedly, this collection is going to garner equal if not increased critical acclaim. Throughout the entire EP, Keevill doesn’t drop the energy, keeping us here at Waveform HQ dancing around the office like people possessed. His brand of techno is meticulous and could be described as even being cybernetic, thanks to the seeming symbiosis of Joseph‘s human interaction with his machines.

The EP comprises seven of Saytek‘s Live Jams. From the second the first kick drum comes into play in the unendingly funky Fifth Jam (Live) it impossible not to be hooked in by his orchestration of sounds, which range from infectious, hornet-like acid leads to unnervingly cavernous basslines.

Get Liberated (Live) is all out Detroit in sound, which can be likened to that of Robert Hood, if a comparison must be drawn. Opening Oscillator (Live) takes the oscillating lead synth of the title and bends it around some tribal-style percussion, which segues nicely into Overdrive (Live); a track that features the most exciting clap programming we’ve heard in quite some time.

Modus Operandi (Live) is drenched in acid, with dubby samples reverberating throughout the mix, with the penultimate offering, 1994 (Live), glitching us out nicely into the final track, Twelve (Live). We’ve been lucky enough to be granted a world premiere of Twelve (Live), so we’ll let you decide for yourselves on that track, but take it from us, if you like your acid then this is the track for you.

Saytek Live Jams EP Vol. 2 is released via Detone and is available to buy on Friday November 3rd, or can be pre-ordered over at Traxsource. For now, get a load of Saytek – Twelve (Live).

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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