C.A.R. to Release Second Album, Pinned, and Teases First Premiere

C.A.R is set to release her second album, Pinned, early next year. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights takes stock of the first glimpse of her overhauled sound.

This February sees the return of C.A.R. – aka Chloé Raunet with her second album PINNED. Released by Ransom Note Records in February 2018.  Meanwhile, lead single from the album Daughters is released on the 3rd November and witnesses the refinement and musical growth of the post-punk, glimmering electronica author that sees her expanding into new leftfield pop sensibilities.

Showcasing her songwriting abilities and striking voice Raunet has upped the ante and created an enthralling, lo-fi, double-take effect, treat for the ears. Supported by a pristine mix from Steve Osborne (New Order, Happy Mondays). C.A.R has hit her stride in blending underground inventiveness with pop immediacy.

Pinned is hotly anticipated and single Daughters is set against a backdrop of deep bass and electronic mystery, Chloé laments “Sitting on your broken bones, the years have slapped around” her vocals acclimatise us to the shape of things to come, with the track showing a sparse poem of serious refection that resounds with the likes of avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson and Liz Harris aka Grouper.

The b-side is an unexpected bedroom pop retake of Jake Holmes’ 1967 folk number Hard to Keep My Mind on You Holmes allegedly had the song Dazed and Confused nicked by Led Zepplin. The bastards.

As if working alongside the likes of Maceo Plex, Ivan Smagghe, Red Axes, and Padded Cell aren’t enough, now taking on the mantle of producer, songwriter and performer C.A.R becomes centre stage and invites us to take a trip around her inner world and with a video set to drop very soon we will certainly be seeing more of Chloé Raunet.

Out in Feb 2018 Pinned promises to be worth your attention, until then make do with the advanced preview available below. You can listen to Daughters, here. If you like it, buy it.


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