Emotion Wave to Release Compilation Album in Aid of Merseyside Domestic Violence Services

Emotion Wave follow up last year’s successful charity release and launch event with a second, Daffodils, in aid of those suffering domestic violence.

Liverpool leftfield electronica brand, Emotion Wave, are one of the unsung heroes of this city. They keep themselves firmly on the underground and the artists they invite to play their events are some of the most exciting on the electronica scene. Eschewing the limelight in favour of high quality electronic music, the event organisers really know their onions when it comes to what we might terms more intelligent dance music.

9th December sees the brand launch their charity compilationDaffodils. The album has been curated in collaboration with some of the scenes most impressive composers. It is set to feature tracks from Phono GhostsPolyporesMark PetersLo FiveImpulse ArrayAfternautMelodienIsocoreFoxen CynLokaMark LawlessDublockJean Michel Noir’s Horror OrchestraThe Long RaysSimon Jones Chillout Donk Experience, and Glitchfield Plaines, with more artists yet to be added.

The compilation is to be backed by a limited release cassette copy, which has been produced alongside Preston’s Concréte. The cassette will be yellow to reflect the album title.

In addition, Emotion Wave will be running a launch event at 82 Renshaw on December 9th, from 2 pm until midnight. The event will feature live performances from: Dark fidelity hifi,Mark PetersThe Long RaysLo FiveJacques MalchanceSimon Jones Chillout Donk Experience, Jean Michel Noir’s Horror OrchestraPolypores,Impulse ArrayM T HALL fka AKASA with more to be confirmed.


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