On the Radar: Mother of Mars – Seed 2 Sky

Mother of Mars duo, Vito & Druzzi, formerly of The Rapture, weigh in with their new release on Ransom Note, Seed 2 Sky. The Waveform Transmitter’s Paul McGuinness takes hold of the percussive pair’s offering.

The next 12″ on Ransom Note Records comes courtesy of Vito & Druzzi, formerly the rhythm section of ’00s disco-punk pioneers The Rapture. Seed 2 Sky is the New York duo’s first release under their new the Mother of Mars guise, and finds them fusing live krautrock drums with pulsating synth loops creating what is simply a unique record, original and full of wonder.

We kick things off with Seed 2 Sky which leads us by the hand into more of a leftfield musical space, taking us on an angelic ride onto the astral plane and giving us an ambient remedy, not just for our bodies, but for our minds too.

Covering the same musical spectrum as bands and acts such as The Animal Collective and Panda Bear, the fresh input and ideas provided by Mother of Mars are incredibly thought provoking and idyllic, underlined with textured arpeggios and sequenced modulations.

On the flip is Hera In the Valley, which instantly spirals into an ethereal, Balearic kaleidoscope of musical and audio colour with blissed-out synth lines. These are beautifully accompanied by a tight rhythmical drum section which only adds saccharine-sweet icing onto an already sugary cake.

Mother of Mars, Seed 2 Sky, is released on November 17th via Ransom Note Records, and can be pre-ordered digitally, here.


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