On the Radar: 90s Wax – 90s Wax One (Exclusive World Premiere)

The mysterious Tusk Wax imprint follows up the successful Trance Wax release with 90s Wax. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a listen to an accomplished progressive house EP and offers readers a chance to hear Blue Jeans from the record, prior to release.

Sometimes an enigma is so much so, that removing the many layers of mystery can be like peeling the layers of an onion. Such can be said of the inscrutable Tusk Wax, a thoroughly Delphic label if ever there was one. Cloaked in mystery, it is nigh impossible to locate any tidbits of useful information about the brand, or those behind it (unless their vinyl is actually hand-stamped with the ground up horns of unicorns and sperm whales).

This certainly works in the favour of the label and the releases they put out. Sure, we are given a minor insight into what the tracks are going to sound like with each release – such as with their latest offering, 90s Wax – but the anonymity surrounding the production house and their productions allow the tracks room to breathe, free of the constraints of being perpetually genrefied, or associated with certain acts to either positive or negative effect.

November 27th sees Tusk Wax dropping the aforementioned 90s Wax One, a release that seemingly aims to deconstruct the house sound – and permutations thereoff; progressive, piano, deep – that was so prevalent in the 90s, and rebuild it as a fresh concept for an audience that consists of both new and existing fans alike.

For existing fans of progressive house, the sound may be instantly recognisable, with educated guesses possibly unearthing the covert producer(s) behind the tracks. New listeners will have something fresh that grabs their attention. The release is all-out 90s and yet still manages to maintain a current vibe.

All you really need to know is that you’ve got four killer cuts on this record, tracks that speak for themselves instead of being tied to a name other than the Tusk nomenclature.

The Waveform Transmitter are proud to present the exclusive premiere of the AA side from the release, Blue Jeans. From the off the track is steeped in funk, with a definitive, progressing 90s bassline that screams ‘dance’. An acid synth line draws us further into the mix, giving the track an old-school rave feel.

These give way to a delectable piano break which is accompanied by a lilting choral phrase, teasing the claves in as more pads are added to what has now become an ethereal, euphoric tapestry, ripe for dance floors. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourselves, below.


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