On the Radar: Pär Grindvik – The Game EP

Par Grindvik Techno

Swedish techno producer, Pär Grindvik, weighed in this week with his latest solo effort, The Game. The Waveform Transmitter’s Dan Crossey enjoys four tracks from the electronic veteran.

For the last 20 years, Pär Grindvik has been an integral part of the Stockholm underground electronic music scene, and is still fresh with new ventures today. Pär prides himself on creating a narrative within a 4/4 structure which he is renowned for doing well both in his productions and live performances.  His name will ring a bell with many who are entrenched in the techno world. Last year he released the ten-track album Isle of Real, which was positively received all around, being another critical juncture in his career.

Crossing the boundaries between dance floor beats and lucid dreams we have 4 track EP The Game, released on his co-founded label Stockholm LTD. The atmospheric techno EP has an experimental edge to it, with four distinctive tracks that truly take you on an introverted journey through the psyche. Blending pulsing beats with atmospheric ambience, there are plenty of moments that must be appreciated with the eyes closed. The interesting percussive layers are filled with textures make each track alive with its own style of engine.

Guiding us in we have the ambient electronica production of Wall to Wall, with a neat and sharp beat contrasting with sinister and ghostly synths. Bouncy low-end pads enter the foggy and misty arena giving us some satisfying groove. Radiance of light suddenly shine through as minor chords spread through the sound towards the latter half, entering us into a tranquil like mist.

The immersive, experimental techno track Private Life takes it up a notch with pulsing kick drums scattered with shuddering clicks and snaps. The mind warping, bending drones that surround this experience are what make this piece distinct. There is a fusion of futurist beats along with reflective and rustic synths that give an image of taking a pilgrimage through a desert. Truly immersive textures that run through your spine leading you into a psychedelic drift.

Taking us deep into the oceanic voyage is #demand, with muted kicks along with scissor flickering high hats and a wide dubby bass. Slow building waves of echoed creatures permeate the soundscape, with oscillating bells and clicks that ascend you upwards through the abyss. Intermittent static electricity mashes up the otherwise linear patterns, a sophisticated completion to the organic and pulsing heartbeat.

Front Row (The Game) finishes the EP with a grimy offbeat structure surrounded by a jigsaw of syncopated effects giving off a Detroit inspired electro feel to it. A constant wavering bass is joined with espionage synths that pierce through the surrounding static sludge.

Pär GrindvikThe Game EP is available to buy now from all good digital stores. Listen to Front Row (The Game), below.


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