On the Radar: Mark-Henning Sargent – No Origin

Mark-Henning Sargent, a producer who has certainly made his stamp on the electronic music scene for the past two decades, releases his latest album, No Origin. The Waveform Transmitter’s Dan Crossey tackles 13 fantastic tracks.

Mark-Henning Sargent has explored the depths of House and Techno over the last 20 years, going through the motions of drum and bass, techno, minimal, house and now full circle back to techno. His style is characterised by cerebral darkness. However, he doesn’t like to be pigeon holed and gets tired of sounds very quickly. No Origin proves this mentality, as he offers something completely different to the status quo.

Dead Bison is a label ran by movie enthusiasts, specifically for artists to create productions designed for a film soundtrack. The label is inspired predominantly by horror and sci-fi composers, such as the greats; Vangelis and Hans Zimmer. This was an opportunity for Mark to have full reign on projecting the contents of his mind without the constrains of making a beat for wide enjoyment. Crowd pleasing is something that doesn’t affect Mark’s ideas, possibly one of the reasons he has ended up on this venture.

No Origin is a truly immersive experience, a beautiful 13 track LP that fans of ambience and cinematic soundscapes will foam at the mouth for. There is Brian Eno meets Stars of the Lid feel to the exploration of textures and sci-fi travel. With a mix of epic awakenings, sequences of serene tranquillity and moments of serious unnerving tension. Get ready to be teleported through the stratosphere….

Vosma and Passage both have a Stranger Things edge to them. Vosma with rippling electro effects signalling a sci-fi lift off, with Passage being a gloomier and more settled track with low end bass synths and distant strings. Draco takes us into an astral projection, with intense drones and vibrational frequencies creating razor sharp lasers that buzz through your senses.

Ursa Major brings us back into an emotive world with strings and trumpets giving a light-hearted atmosphere with distant pianos and chimes. This is a contrast to Block 9000, which is full of tension and suspense. Waves of static frequency build in intensity as if a swarm of flies is increasingly suffocating you. We finally escape with The First Hour, where the familiar ripples of metallic droplets swirl around giving the head breathing space.

Love Bias is beautiful piece to mark the middle of the album, with an African spirituality to it due to the tribal percussions alongside meditative organs. It feels warm and radiant, projecting a sacred and sun rising imagery.

Plummeting you straight from the sunshine into the night, The Dark Wave contains builds of tension until an alarming siren of horns perforates your entire system, mirroring the alarm calls of The War of the Worlds forewarning of an attack to end humanity.

Gears and Static Shift both play with oscillating and wavering pulses, taking you deeper into the voyage as you enjoy some rest bite from the exhausting rollercoaster whilst you monitor the galaxy for your next destination.

Intrometida takes us back to uncertainty and impending doom, with stressful synth chords shredding and stomping through as you anxiously anticipate breaking through the final barrier.

The penultimate sensory experience of Halycon Charm projects us back to into a spaced out, illuminating ambience, with heavenly effects and hollow wind instruments that create an imagery of radiance and relief.

Decay finishes off the surreal and exhausting venture with electronic static chords and emotive drones that gently shake up your brain and cleanse your nervous system whilst you safely make your landing.

Mark-Henning Sargent – No Origin, is available to buy now via Dead Bison.


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