On the Radar: Francois X – Irregular Passion

Parisian producer, François X, recently released his debut long-player, Irregular Passion, on his own DEMENT3D Records imprint. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight is taken on a 13-track journey into eroticism and sensuality.

François X, head man at DEMENT3D Records, has dropped his debut album, Irregular Passion, and holy fuck is it a story. Presumably taking some sort of autobiographical stance (with compositions such as Rachael and Falling For Her) the album is as much of an insight into the artist as it is into our own selves.

This is a truly accomplished collection of work, one that I was drawn into from the off, which is no mean feat when it comes to the saturated electronic music market we are currently seeing. The compositions contained herein work perfectly together, forming a narrative what allows us to truly immerse ourselves into the sonic experience.

It has been quite some time since I felt emotions, like those experienced while I sat in silence and listened to this album. I was taken away. The album deals with polar opposites too, juxtaposing joy with melancholy to outstanding effect. It certainly left me feeling as though I had been fulfilled by the work of François X…he has created an album here that is absorbing and emotive. The album plays with genres, mixing ambient textures with techno sensibilities. Excellent work.

Our first track, Love of a Lifetime, evokes a dreamlike state in the listener. This is a dark dream, filled with disturbing, distorted, demonic vocals, as haunting Gregorian-chant-style pads envelope a percussion that echoes panicked footsteps. One of those dreams were you are running from an invisible omnipotent being, that is what we are flung into with the opener.

Perhaps this is the calm before the storm, as we are soon plunged into Blurry Youth. The dream-like state begins to fade away, not before becoming a confusing nightmare of distorted swells and echoing, clicky beats. Dreams can can become unsettling very quickly, and this one just did.

Track three, Slave, No Slave, features Twin-Peaks-like reversed samples, which again confuse the listener. We are sprung awake by a conversation taking place over walkie-talkies, that familiar click as the speaker ends their vocal utterances. What is happening outside? Are the voices in my room with me? A sludgy synth line that is almost amphibious in quality makes the track unnerving. Is that sound my heartbeat?

Just a Dream confirms what we have been thinking all along. Modulated synths swing past the head of the listener, twisting around them as they rise from their slumber. Shamefaced, we suddenly find ourselves making our way into the night. The chemicals are kicking in now as we twist through the night, past neon lights and through plumes of steam rising from the floor.

We locate the club. In we walk, past the menacing doorman, and into the thick air, sweat dripping from the ceiling and hissing as it hits your forehead and neck. The chemicals are taking their grip of you now. You can’t help it. You feel your body starting to jack. You can feel a presence in the room. Your eyes scan around before locking on one person. A girl. Suddenly the world around you dissolves. Nothing remains but the clattering techno swirling around your headspace and the woman in front of you. You approach. Your bodies jack in unison. You can’t stop looking into her eyes. You are Falling for Her.

Before you know it you are enchanted, as Under Your Spell gives rise to an exotic, sensuous world. Tribal percussion cuts sharply through the swirling miasma of sound like the electricity in a kiss. You succumb. You’re going under.

Dirty Chat finds the user slipping in and out of consciousness. Laboured breathing is punctuated by an alarm clock beeping in and out of the mix. You can hear someone whispering in your ear, are they commands, are they orders, what does she want you to do? You are in unfamiliar surroundings, but you feel safe. She is with you…

…the post-coital comedown commences as we learn her name. Rachael. But the latest morsel of information stops the inevitable crash. Having her name disclosed to you makes this something more than just drugged-up sex. You feel something burning inside. Did you really wake from that dream? Is this too good to be true?

Lucidity comes into play. You feel like you’ve been here before. This is a dark dream, filled with disturbing, distorted, demonic vocals, as haunting Gregorian-chant-style pads envelope a percussion that echoes panicked footsteps. One of those dreams were you are running from an invisible omnipotent being, that is what we sink back into as we close the album out.

François X – Irregular Passions, is available for purchase now on vinyl and digital formats. We suggest you do.


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