On the Radar: Mattias Fridell – Uppenbara/Detonationer

Mattias Fridell drops on H-Productions for the release of his latest single, Uppenbara Detonationer. The Waveform Transmitter’s Simon Huxtable tangles with two jacking groovers from Swedish techno artist.

Cari Lekebusch is something of a techno institution. Never one for the larger-than-life theatrics a la Richie Hawtin or the World domination of Adam Beyer, Lekebusch has patiently carved his niche in providing solid, guttural, groovy dance floor monsters.

H-Productions, his seminal label since the early 1990s, is an extension of this mindset and despite its various reincarnations, continues to push the envelope of the industrial tech sound.

This latest release from an on-form Mattias Fridell shows his continuing love for the Swedish techno movement and highlights some of his myriad influences since his first break into the scene in the 90s. Written especially with Cari’s label in mind, Uppenbara Detonationer and Aklamera showcase both a sweaty, jacking peak time sound which fits perfectly with the overall H-Productions vision.

First up, Uppenbara Detonationer is a best described as ‘quality loopy techno’. Essentially a cleverly engineered groove tool, the track opens almost fully formed with an off-beat stab providing all the drive you’d need leading into the first break at around 1-minute, after which, things intensify. Warping the stab hits and expertly bringing new percussive elements in and out of the mix keeps attention and adds to the energy. This is functional techno: no frills, no unexpected weird detours, just heads down and dance like a loon.

Alkamera on the other hand has some real balls. More machine funk than the A-side; this one is heavier and more insistent. Synth flourishes fade into the mix around the minute mark with additional hats to intensify the groove. Again, it’s pretty linear and functional, but sometimes that’s all you need and the fact that they will absolutely destroy a proper techno floor is tangible for the first bar. A useful and future-proofed addition for any serious techno fans out there.



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