On the Radar: Yard One – Tactics Vol.2

Yard One are back with another blistering EP, their Tactics Vol. 2. The Waveform Transmitter’s Simon Huxtable gets his hands on the first release from Tact Recordings new vinyl only sub-label, Tactics and it’s a belter.

Now, it will come as no surprise to anyone who reads my reviews regularly that I am a bit of a trackhead. And when I say that this 3-tracker from Yard One is outstanding, I really mean it. It’s fucking brilliant. Launched back in 2011, Tact has steadily grown into a proper House label. Tactics therefore is a natural progression for them and shows just how much passion they have – it really isn’t cheap to run a wax only imprint!

Inspired by Tactics Volume 1, a compilation album on Tact Recordings back in 2012, the Yard One boys have set about writing three new cuts that are as contemporary as they are timeless. Yard One are Jordan Bruce and Larry Jones, two UK-based artists who have garnered the attention of Techno heavyweights Anthony Parasole and Roman Flügel among many others. Indeed, even new techno doyen, B.Traits has supported their recent Pulsar track earlier this year.

Opening the EP is the tribal flavours of Avenoir. Never over-egging the pudding, it hypnotises the floor with captivating melodic flourishes and brilliantly simple percussive drive. Granular Movements keeps up the intensity with emotive pads and a skippy US garage percussion arrangement. Definitely one for the Heads, this is proper Tech House like the good ol’ days of End Recordings or Oblong (if you’re old enough to remember). Thirdly, Hexad takes us into Drexciyan territory. ‘Live’ sounding drums and a groovy saw-toothed bass provide the perfect bedrock for the delicate pads and subtle background motifs to punctuate: Detroit Techno heaven!


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