On the Radar: Brendon Moeller – Magic City EP

Brendon Moeller’s Magic City EP was recently released on the Echochord Colour imprint. The Waveform Transmitter’s Dan Crossey takes in four dub-techno cuts from the South African artist.

Brendon Moeller may be known to you as Echologist or Beat Pharmacy who has been releasing material under his own name to encapsulate the unique sound that he has been driving towards. He has been one of the pivotal forces in the uprising of dub techno, however over last number of years has been moulding his sound which has re-rooted itself in techno whilst keeping dub overtones.

Brendon has been consistently developing his musical production process, and this shines through with Magic City EP released on Echocord Colour. You can feel the level of sophistication of his production ability, when you hear the rich and vibrant colour of this dub techno record that maintains a murky mist to it.

There is an atmospheric and organic quality to it that still gives permission for you to shake your hips. It contains a lot of layers, and you can imagine numerous edits that this has gone through to perfect the creation, but still with a mentality that less is more. A dub techno record with Moeller flair.

Caravan is a colourful track, with a light-hearted baseline and pulsing sub. We have the familiar echoes and rattles creeping around in the background. In the middle we have beautiful array of syncopated and high hats that glides itself through soundscape in a world of its own, a lovely bouncy rhythm and groove that coasts through the murky underworld.

Our favourite track is Magic city which is a meditative journey with a constant rumbling bassline alongside intermittent percussive grooves conjecturing an image of being in a furnace. Atmospheric shudders and drones make this a peripheral 360-degree experience.

Magic city in Dub is a take on the original with an experimentation of reverberation throughout the track. Shuddering and echoed snares splice through the air without being overly chaotic. A slower and off beat rhythm that gives this treatment a sway and swing.

Departure takes us on a walk through a dangerous and statically charged walkway.  Sporadic volts of electricity fly around the offbeat dub percussion, as you edge along the perimeter of an electrified brain. Raw and delayed distortions run alongside rustic snares and murky vocals. Dub techno at its finest, with organic developments and lack of sequence where Brendon is at his most comfortable.


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