On the Radar: Gerry Read – Third Date EP

Post-dubstepper, Gerry Read, dropped his latest single, Third Date, on December 1st. The Waveform Transmitter’s Simon Huxtable takes a listen to enigmatic LA-based label, Timetable’s new release.

Not much I can tell you about Timetable other than they are one of those labels that seem to live in a mysterious world of facelessness where they allow the music to do the talking for them; music that rose from the ashes of the post Dubstep movement and has evolved into a funkier, darker amalgam of House.

It must be working. Nosaj Thing and a host of others are regular contributors like London-based Gerry Read have featured on the label. Really breaking free of his Dubstep roots a few years back with some dark, emotive four to the floor cuts on Fourth Wave, Gerry Read was able to reinvent his sound to fit a scene that had crumbled through over-homogenisation.

Here, across two unique and interesting tracks, Gerry further confounds critics. Imagine if Speedy J and Burial had babies, it would sound a little like Fuck That Bounce. Gritty and raw, the vocal sample, lifted from some nameless hip hop track fits snuggly among an overdriven 909 kick arrangement and grimy hats.

Similarly, Third Date features a repeated vocal sample with really interesting gated feel. The groove though is much smoother and more in keeping with the Future Garage vibe prevalent throughout London. On the remix, 4THSEXDATE firstly grime up the percussive elements before introducing a heavenly pad and some nuanced synth work for those late night party moments when the floor needs a bit of a song to reinvigorate.

What makes these tracks so good is the absolute disregard for genre classification; they really are a step beyond anything I’ve ever heard before. It could be techno, or house or something new. What is clear is that they are bloody good.


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