Waveform Mix Series 26: Tiefschwarz

Tiefschwarz techno

On the back of their recent collaborative single, North/South, Tiefschwarz drop by with their Waveform Mix. The Waveform Transmitter’s editor, Ste Knight, presents.

I can’t actually remember the first time I heard Tiefschwarz, I just feel like I’ve been a fan my whole life. The two brothers who make up the duo, German electronica producers Ali and Basti Schwarz, have been in the game twenty years this year, and their back-catalogue is a testament to their time on the scene.

With five studio albums under their belt (the most recent, Left, released in 2016 through the Watergate imprint), dozens of singles, compilations and recorded DJ mixes, the Deep Black brothers have become a name synonymous with high quality electronic music.

To celebrate their vicenial, Tiefschwarz have dropped in with a brand new single, which was released back in October on Souvenir Music.

The single features two tracks, North on the A, and South on the flip. Both tracks were produced in collaboration with Studio Kreuzberg label head, YawkNorth presents as somewhat of a left-of-centre tech-house production. The track kicks off with a tense energy, as layers are added to the rich sonic tapestry created by the trio. The bassline keeps the track driving onward as layers are removed and replaced, creating a hypnotic groove that works throughout the track.

South is a synth-laden composition that lifts the listener up to euphoric heights. The synths ebb and flow as the track pushes forward, accompanied by some cleverly programmed percussive elements to give the track a feeling of majesty. The single is a fantastic welcome back for the duo which is complemented perfectly by the production skills of Berlin’s young producer, Yawk. An excellent release from the trio, which exemplifies their skills behind the mixing desk.

We are lucky enough to have Tiefschwarz along for a contribution to our Waveform Mix Series, which returns after a short hiatus. The mix is certainly one of our best yet, and has been on heavy rotation here in the Waveform headquarters since we received it last week. We’re sure that you’re all going to enjoy this one, so get it on. Loud.

Presenting TiefschwarzWaveform Mix 026.


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