On the Radar: Carrying Ghosts – MYN EP (EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

Carrying Ghosts techno

Carrying Ghosts returns to Feel Raw Audio with his latest EP, MYN. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a listen to four outstanding cuts, and premieres the super-acidic The Tick.

As his name might suggest, Carrying Ghosts is somewhat of an enigma. Preferring to remain anonymous, the mysterious producer of all things acid is back on Feel Raw Audio, following his previous release on the label; Related.

MYN is an all out excursion into acid territory, with that familiar bassline playing throughout four haunting tracks. As atmospheric as they are danceable, the compositions contained herein make for some genuinely absorbing listening, drawing the audience into their very depths.

The EP gets things running with The Tick, an acid trip if ever there was one. Skittering percussion dances playfully across the top of an undulating acid line, as evocative, nether-worldly samples punctuate the mix, flitting into view like spectres in an shadowy ghost town.

Our title track, MYN, is equally as eerie. The intro to the track is reminiscent of finding oneself in a dark, abandoned tunnel, as droplets fall from the ceiling onto the acid bassline that rumbles away below ground. All before frenetic techno percussion breaks out and takes hold of the listener, possessing them for some peak-time fayre.

Trigger is the only vocal track on the EP, with a brooding bassline and synth stabs complementing the lyrical delivery perfectly. The EP closes out with the chilling broken-beat acid of From Hell to Bell, which contains demonic pads and synth samples that pulsate like some sort of malevolent sentient being.

We’re lucky enough to have a premiere of The Tick, which you can listen to below. Carrying Ghosts – MYN EP, is available to buy from all good vinyl stockists on December 14th, with the digital release coming to stores on January 21st. Get it bought.


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