On the Radar: DVS1 – Fabric 96

DVS1 Techno

The latest installment of Fabric’s infamous series is brought to us by none other than DVS1. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight enjoys 29 tracks of techno bliss from the Minneapolis mastermind.

Those familiar with Zak Khutoretsky, AKA DVS1, will know exactly what we’re saying when we tell you that this was one of our most hotly anticipated mix albums since we launched back in January. Not only because this is his first released mix in five years (his last being the 159th edition of the CLR Podcast, back in 2012), but also because, as a techno producer, Khutoretsky is one of the most exciting on the scene.

Not that he’s a newcomer by any stretch of the imagination. His experience spans back in excess of twenty years, so it is fair to say that Zak is somewhat of a veteran of the techno sound. With a lengthy career under his belt, you know you are not going to be disappointed when you’re handling any DVS1 material, whether that be recorded or in a club setting.

Obviously, fitting an entire clubbing experience into a single CD-length mix is no mean feat. However, being who he is, DVS1 has managed to pull off a stunning mix which features plenty of the loopy, hypnotic techno that Zak has made his trademark sound. These sounds feature heavily on the releases that come out of his two labels; HUSH and Mistress Recordings.

It is at this point it may seem pertinent to point out that 16 of the tracks on the Fabric 96 compilation are as yet to be released via both of these imprints. If you want to know what a glimpse into the future feels like, then take a listen to this record. Not only do we have forthcoming material on there, but Khutoretsky has combined the unreleased tracks with timeless classics, such as Jeff Mills‘ The Dancer, which plays the mix out to a glorious ending.

Tracks such as Steffi‘s clap-laden, saw-drenched 1E-4 and Dustin Zahn‘s Politics of Seduction encourage intense engagement from the listener, who is unlikely to want to mix a single beat from this monster mix. Needless to say, if you’re a techno fan, then DVS1 – Fabric 96 should both simultaneously whet your appetite and slake your thirst for the sound. Just go out and buy it now, before sonic dehydration sets in.

You can grab your copy of Fabric 96, here.



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