On the Radar: Lancelot – Transport EP

Lancelot hits us with his latest EP, Transport, which is out now on the Omena imprint. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights checks out four cuts of feel-good house music.

Lancelot hits us with his latest EP, Transport, which is out now on the Omena imprint. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights checks out four cuts of feel-good house music.

Cutting through the dancefloor haze like the silhouette of a neon- knight, Lancelot aka Lance Gurisik hits us with the single Transport, which has grabbed me by the balls and spun me about like a turntable slipmat since the promo landed in my inbox.

Released by the Omena label, both on the black round stuff and then digitally later in December, we are treated to two tracks of pure, electro-tinged, feel-good house music, not only made with the feet in mind but the melody and rhythms to excite the brain and raise the pulses. The two tracks Transport and Eade Rd both take us on a step-sequenced, wrist-twisting journey.

The digital release has an extra two titles to stimulate your music muscles even further titled Alea and Satisfied.

Straight off the bat, a seriously rich-filtered, step sequenced synth starts the track Transport, an electro synth sound that releases and squeezes around you like a giant’s fist, the solid spine of kick, snare and shakers become more detailed with a neat arrangement of hi-hat patterns and atmospheric percussion, then reverb drenched electric piano rolls, build and crash like waves.

Tonnes of terrific melodic and rhythmic interplay make this a floor favourite for sure, with the drop outs and ins like riding a rollercoaster. The arrangement of instruments and effects featured such as; electric piano jams, delays and reverbs, string synth sections that swirl in and out alongside muti-layers of different pitched synths, create a relaxed, yet upbeat vibe with a solid intent to electrify your life.

Eade Rd continues in the same vein, with Lancelot paying attention to the subtleties of layers and dial dialects, a mellower track that allows the string synth to take on more of a noticeable role, while the percussion delves a little deeper with more dexterity and detail, although it is clear the synths are the instruments on show here.

I’m a big fan of reverb, especially on rich, bouncing synths and with that the mood is met with some lovely atmospheric work, electric piano rhythms really expose a great feel as the track grows into a beauty, combining the nuanced, mellower feel with an upbeat, edgier twist.

Only available on the digital release is the track Alea a bonus that keeps the electro feel going, showcasing a similar mood and atmosphere, whilst travelling in a different direction, Vangelis-esque synthesized orchestra sounds sit in with snazzy percussion.

Last, but not least bonus track Satisfied instantly feels clubby and a bit of a departure from its predecessors, a nice way to say, “’til next time”.

Lancelot Transport is released this week (vinyl) then in December (digital) on the Omena label, who here celebrates its 20th release!

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