On the Radar: Alfa Romero – One in a Million EP

Alfa Romero swing in with their four-tracker, One in a Million. The Waveform Transmitter’s Paul McGuinness indulges in a diverse range of sounds from the This and That Lab stable.

DJs and label owners Prudo and Lorenzo Bartoletti, aka Alfa Romero, are back with One in a Million, a four track EP which is filled with club-friendly cuts to enrich any dance floor of the hypnotic Tech House/Techno kind. The duo explores a shared musical vision, in a partnership that aims to broaden the horizons of electronic music. They come with rich colours, deep emotions and strong rhythms.

Alfa Romero have produced and remixed for labels such as Minisketch, Lo-Fi Stereo, Dirt Crew Recordings, Players Paradise, Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Freak n’ Chic, Titbit, Superfreq, Elettrowave and Supernature.

We open up with Gemini and it’s clear from the off that Alfa Romero do indeed want us to explore more their vision and musical landscape. With subtle but driving arpeggios, 808 drum patterns and heavy modulations then heading towards a big crescendo.

Road to Nowhere, however, treads a different path completely and brings a quirky, tranced-out 90s electronic vibe filled with stabs, chords, and one shots that all fit like a glove.

Next up is Velvet which again adds another musical colour to the palette only this time it’s a tech house flavour. The track comes with a bubbling, chunky, funky feel and delightful shimming leads, fat sub-bass and moments of wonder.

We end with Cosmopolitan which, as its name suggests, fits right in and walks amongst us dancing about in a melee of warped out grooves, pads, and melodies riding on top of the 4×4 goodness.


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