On the Radar: David Morales and Janice Robinson – Father (EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

David Morales disco house

David Morales and Janice Robinson hook up for, Father, the latest EP on Def Mix Music. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a listen to the inspiring collection of tracks, and offers an exclusive premiere.

David Morales is a name synonymous with high-quality productions. Whether it be one of his many re-works as a master of the edit, his official remixes for legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, the Pet Shop Boys, and Aretha Franklin, it is safe to say that Morales has earned legendary status in his own right. With so much experience under his belt, one can easily bestow the American DJ and producer with what we would often term ‘a midas touch’.

Likewise, vocalist Janice Robinson could also be described as somewhat of a paragon in terms of her art. Her vocal delivery remains unsurpassed, something which has been ever-present since her days as a member of Livin’ Joy. Nobody can look back on dance music history without glazing over fondly as they reminisce about many a time when Dreamer would be pumping out of speakers, on a global scale.

The pair have teamed up to offer an outstanding take on vocal gospel house. Opening up with some glorious portamento pads and a flurry of keys from Morales, disco strings are teased into the mix as we drift away on the wave of a stunning piano break. This gives way to Janice‘s perfectly delivered vocals, instantly injecting a powerful, emotive quality into the track. The breakdown that occurs just after the second half features a vocal phrase that really emphasises Robinson‘s range. This is a beautiful track and we are sure we will be hearing it played out at Liverpool’s next Disco Festival.

The Classic Club Mix of the track does exactly what it says on the tin, giving the production more of a housey feel to make it perfect for lifting dancefloor energy. The DM World Mix is something we really love here at Waveform HQ. 11 minutes of sheer bliss, in which Morales showcases his talents as a remixer alongside his production skills. Think of this as twice the helping of David, as he expertly builds the track, allowing elements to ebb and flow in and out of the mix to give the track that epic feel we all seek from our music.

For those who aren’t such strong fans of the vocal side of house, then you can enjoy the DM 380 Mix, which drops the vocals out to a simple repeated phrase, allowing the other elements to take the limelight. Even more vocally sparse is the techy Quentin Harris Crimson Sector Drum Dub, which adds a cracking vocoder effect to the main vocal, while maintaining a subtle gospel-choir-esque backing to the hornet-like synth work added by Harris.

Father is released on Friday, December 15th, on Def Mix Music. However, in the meantime, we are lucky enough to have an exclusive premiere of Father – DM World Mix. Take a listen, below.


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