Waveform Live 003: Blicz

The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents the third instalment of our Waveform Live series. This week, from French techno wunderkind, Blicz, on the back of the release of his excellent Mineral Effect EP.

There is something really quite special about live music, especially on the electronic music scene. Something so machine-based is inevitably given an organic quality when a human operator gets involved. This is why we are delighted to welcome Franco-Italian producer, Blicz, for our third instalment of Waveform Live.

At only 22 years of age, Blicz is already starting his steady ascent to the top of his game. Mineral Effect EP, dropped today on Volphonie, sees the young producer garnering support from some serious techno heavyweights, including SlamRichie Hawtin, and Cari Lekebusch to name but a few. This comes as no surprise, as the EP’s original tracks are packed with analog goodness.

Mineral Effect kicks off with frenetic percussion courtesy of some mid-toms and skittering hats. These tease in a dreamy synth line that injects the track with instant euphoria. Layers are constantly built upon throughout the track, which combine to form a perfect example of emotional techno, especially when the choral pads are brought in. Beautiful peak-time techno.

Up next, 2nd Story drops in with a more space-age feel. Dubby synth stabs and acid lines weave in and out of each other like neon snakes, interacting playfully with the percussion before the breakdown halfway in. This follows on from Mineral Effect by plunging the user deep into pools of elation courtesy of Blicz‘ pad work.

The digital edition of the EP also features a third track Hydra, which takes classic French techno tropes and immortalises them in rhapsody with Blicz‘ own sound.

The two remixes are provided by Flug (Mineral Effect) and Andre Kronert (2nd Story) who both successfully stamp their own sound onto the originals, with Flug minimal-ising the track to its bare bones, and Kronert industrialising the original. The digital edition features a remix of Hydra by Drafted, who adds dubby, ethereal elements to the original production.

We hope to see plenty more from young Blicz in the coming 12 months. We’re tipping him for big things this year, you heard it here first! If you don’t believe us, check out his Waveform Live contribution, below. Hashtag propertechno.


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