Secret Weapons Vol. 12 – Silicone Soul

The latest instalment of our Secret Weapons playlist comes from Darkroom Dubs head men, Silicone Soul. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents.

The latest instalment of our Secret Weapons playlist comes from Darkroom Dubs head men, Silicone Soul. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents.

It is no mean feat for an any artist or artists to maintain a career that spans 20 years, staying relevant throughout. However, Silicone Soul are entering their vicennial this year; an achievement that should be recognised, as they have carved a significant notch for themselves on the electronic music scene.

The duo, consisting of Glaswegians Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie, first saw light of day back in 1998 with the release of their debut single, The Strip, on the venerable Soma Records. The single’s title track is an exercise in ambient, instrumental hip-hop, while the second a-side track, Candy Love, is a striking example of Rhodes-licked house music. Piano house is the order of the day on the flip, with Climbing Walls. In 1998, the single would have served as a promising example of their dexterity as producers; an example they have fulfilled to this day.  Since then, they have released an impressive back-catalogue of singles, studio albums, and mixes.

As illustrated, during the past twenty years, Silicone Soul have flirted with numerous musical styles, from hip-hop, through to electro, house, and techno, with plenty more in-between. Their releases have consistently garnered critical acclaim.

Not only do they produce, like any electronic musicians worth their salt, they immerse themselves further into the scene by way of their own label, Darkroom Dubs. The label is a vehicle by which they can release their own productions as well as those of others. Indeed, the label has featured the likes of Alex NiggemannExtrawelt, and Of Norway, among many others. The label has recently entered its 15th year, so twice the cause for celebration.

Since 2005, Darkroom Dubs have been releasing ad-hoc retrospective compilations via their imprint. Entitled Darkroom Dubs in homage to the label itself, the series has recently reached its 4th volume. Released in November 2017, the compilation features a host of Darkroom mainstays, such as Ryan CrossonLonya, and Dimitri Veimar. The release represents a consummation of various genres that fall under the ‘electronic music’ umbrella, with techno and house being the predominant styles throughout. You can buy the release, here.

We look forward to plenty more releases from the pair, and their label. Anyone who turns down Top of the Pops instantly appropriates legend status in our eyes, irrespective of their influential and highly lauded career.

Seeing as Silicone Soul are sharing an anniversary with us, we thought it might be nice to celebrate by taking a look through their arms cache. Here they are with their Secret Weapons playlist, probably the only blast radius you’re ever going to willingly enter.


When it comes to raw analog techno, not sure it got any better that this. Still a mind burner.


Simply love this and one of my favourite records from the last couple of years, if the killer synth break doesn’t move you then nothing will.

DemainWith Love & Voodoo

It’s been a perennial favourite since it came out in 2014, massive and definitely one of the most requested track IDs in recent memory.

playmodulNull Vier

I recently rediscovered this in my collection, such a beautiful beatless record and a dancefloor ‘moment’ if ever there was one.

MargotModerno (Marc Piñol Morning Remix)

Perfect 5am vibes… when you want things to get a little freaky.

ItaloJohnsonITJ11 – B1

Tucked away on the B side, a no-nonsense club track with just enough acidic growl to freshen up a flagging floor.

La FleurCircadian

There’s nice blend of melodic touches but it’s the single note bass groove after the break, that really makes this track subtly lift a more deeper set.

Darkroom Dubs Edits #2 by SkinnerboxBela Lugosi’s Dead

One of our Darkroom Dubs Edits series and a masterful rework by Skinnerbox; great for breaking up that pure 4/4 monotony.

The DoorsThe End (Gulivert Rework)

Admittedly normally I’d be highly sceptical of a Doors bootleg but this is very nicely done by Gulivert and really enhances a long, dark set.

Analog People In A Digital WorldRose Rouge (Vocal Edit)

‘Put your hands together’… not much else needs to be said.

You can find more of our Secret Weapons playlists, located (pretty obviously), in our playlist archive. Look out for our next Secret Weapons playlist, coming this Sunday, from none other than the almighty Coldcut. Stay locked in.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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