Review: Smile for A While Presents…All That Jelly Vol.4

Smile for A While’s sub label All That Jelly is back for the fourth installment of their Smile for A While presents… series. The Waveform Transmitter’s Léa Ben Saïd takes stock of a club-orientated EP with an old school flavour.

The party collective Smile For A While was established in Frankfurt in 2011 by Daniel Tischer and David Tzschentke, who aimed to fill the gap of the deep house output from Frankfurter artists on the scene. While throwing parties and looking for local talents, they realized that there were many talented producers who were not given the space to display their music. With All That Jelly, they managed to do exactly that, providing them with a platform on which to release; all that jelly and no toast – just like when you find an incredible tune but no 320 or 12’’ of it.

Smile For A While pres. All That Jelly Vol. 4 is no different from the previous releases of the series in its composition. Once more, we find clubby house music, sample-packed tracks, by well-established producers as well as from lesser-known guys.

The EP opens with a track by Frankfurt local heroes C-Rock and Franksen Freakish. Nothing too freaky here however, as the tune unfolds following classic house sonorities. The percussion at the forefront of the track captures the listener’s attention and is coupled with a funky bassline all along the seven minutes of the track. A well-known sample comes in and complements the melody exactly as we need it to, to create a strong dance-floor orientated track.

Jesse Para follows with That Luv, titled after the parties he has been throwing in Berlin’s Prince Charles with his LuvThang crew. The combination of the well-known bassline and sample makes it ideal for the dancefloor, but less memorable than the other contributions. For a debut tune and as an ode to 90’s Jersey House though, it is a success.

Things are getting serious with Fonso’s contribution to the release. The London producer, famous for his Keep It Moving nights in Brighton, takes us on a trip with this track. Human Effort is faster than the rest of the EP, strong from its almost-acid sounds and the saxophone-like line; it feels like he is telling us a story. Definitely my favourite.

Finally, the last track by Italian producer Jacopo Sb rounds up the EP perfectly. Seven is a beautiful slice of powerful lo-fi house as we have been able to hear more and more these past couple of years, with a hypnotic feeling to it. If you listen closely, you will be able to recognize some of the sounds of early Mosaic or Bluetrain releases, but overall, Jacopo Sb has managed to put forward his own unique and fresh style.

Smile For A While pres. All That Jelly Vol. 4 was released on January 15th and is now available in all good record stores. You can listen to Jesse Para’s That Luv in full, below, and you can listen to snippets of all tracks and buy them, here.


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